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The Dungeon Twister community wants to have a friendly atmosphere and to provide gifts to the players and leaders who are actively involved in developing the community.  Keeping this in mind, the IDTL decided to create a virtual currency called “Golden Targans” (abbreviated G.T. or T.O. in french ).  This currency will be credited to the accounts of active players and referees who participate in tournaments and events announced on the website.  In order for a player’s account to be creditied, the player must be registered on the League website  Members who contribute annually to the League will also receive Golden Targans.  Any other Golden Targans will be distributed by decision of the League Board.



The Golden Targans will be distributed to players who participate in events or tournaments using the 2nd edition of Dungeon Twister, who pay their annual dues to the LIDT, or by any other means decided by the Board.  In order for a player to be credited with Golden Targans, he must be registered on the league website


I-1: Courage: participation in League activities

After the results of events are validated, the participating players and the referee will be allocated Golden Targans for the following circumstances:

Participation in a demo, local tournament, open, national or international championships.

To this is added a bonus to the player who wins a tournament.  The amount of Gold Targans distributed is dependent upon the number of participants.

The referee of a local tournament, open, or championship is credited with Gold Targans depending upon the number of participants.  These Gold Targans can be combined with participation in tournaments, opens, or championships.  However, the bonuse for refereeing and victory are not cumulative.


4-7 players

8-5 players

16-31 players

32-63 players

64 players and more

Demo or
Local Tournament

3 GT

5 GT

10 GT

15 GT

20 GT


10 GT

15 GT

20 GT

National Championship

15 GT

20 GT

International Championship

20 GT

0 GT
5 GT
10 GT
20 GT
30 GT
Referee Bonus
(not cumulative with Winner Bonus)
0 GT
5 GT
10 GT
15 GT
20 GT



I-2: Sacrifice: membership in the IDTL

The Treasurer shall report dues payments to the President of the League.  Members must register themselves unless the Treasurer has all the information, in which case, any officer may register the player and notify him of his password by email.  For an initial membership, the member’s account is credited with 5 G.T.. by the President, Treasurer, or one of his associates.  The year and purpose will be indicated on his account (example: Contributions, 2009).

Members receive 7 G.O. for their 2nd consecutive year of membership.

For their 3rd and following consecutive memberships, players receive 10 G.T. each year.

Any break in the years of membership results in the loss of this benefit.  (Example: If a member joins in 2009 and 2010, he will receive 5 and then 7 G.T.  If he only joins in 2009 and 2011, he receives 5 G.T. for both.)


I-3: Honor: recognition by their peers for devotion to Dungeon Twister

The referees and regional managers will provide a list of candidate players to the League Board.  The criteria for receiving this bonus are:

  • perseverance and loyalty in spite of many defeats
  • Dungeon Twister demos with games clubs and/or stores
  • hosting major events
  • sponsoring new members to the LIDT
  • fair play
  • voluntary assistance or technical input for the development of the LIDT

The Board will meet once a year in January to award prizes to players, referees, and organizers who have made a significant contribution or sacrifice for the good of the League.  The member will be credited with Gold Targans.


II. Management of Goodies

The management of goodies will be conducted by the League.  The officers, regional managers, and referees will handle the distribution of goodies.  Regional managers will have a stock of goodies and are responsible for the proper distribution and administration regarding the goodies.  They should have a clear inventory of their goodies that they manage using a spreadsheet or through the LIDT website.


III.  Golden Targan Transactions

The Golden Targans can be spent during a meeting or a tournament at the end this event.  If the goodies are not claimed at the event, the player can get them at the next meeting or event.  A player wishing to use his T.O. must communicate to the regional manager to get his goodies sooner.  Each time a player wishes to obtain goodies, he will need the necessary credit in his account.  His account will be debited by the regional manager at the time of the exchange.  As much as possible, goodies will be distributed at the site on the day of the tournament or the next event.  If the player wishes to obtain them more rapidly, he will be responsible for shipping costs.

When delivering the goodies or prizes, the referee must let the regional manger know, so that he can charge the player’s account.

The process for debiting Gold Targans:

  • During tournaments: the referee or regional manager will charge the player’s account in exchange for the goodies.  The purpose of the award and the goodies received must be recorded.
  • Postal transactions:  Upon receipt of payment for postage, the Treasurer reports to the regional manager and player.  He will then debit the player’s account for the T.O.  The purpose of the goodies and the amount received must be recorded.


IV.  Values of Goodies

Board members decide on the value and cost of the goodies offered.  A simple majority vote will be conducted for each new goodie.  Christophe Boelinger and the publisher will be consulted beforehand.


V.  Revision

All or part of the rules in this codex may be revised by the Board of  Directors for the League.  Any proposals will be approved if a majority (2/3) of the Board members present approve.