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regles_base_fr.pdfDungeon Twister rules
regles_p&d_fr.pdfPaladins & Dragons expansion rules
regles_e&f_fr.pdfFire & Water expansion rules
regles_pdt_fr.pdfPowers of Darkness expansion rules
2v2-Regles.pdfRules of 2v2. An excellent alternative for 4 players.
dtprison_rulebook1_fr.pdfPrison expansion and new basic game rules
dtprison_rulebook2_solo_fr.pdfPrison solo expansion rules
dtprison_rulebook2_veterans_fr.pdfPrison expansion rules - Veteran
Regles_Mercenaires.pdfMercenaries expansion rules
Regles_Terres_de_Glace.pdfLands of Ice expansion rules

rules_base_en.pdfDungeon Twister rules
regles_p&d_en.pdfPaladins & Dragons expansion rules
Fire_and_Blood_manual.pdfFire & Water expansion rules translated by gheintze
Creatures_of_the_Forest_manual.pdfCreatures of the_Forest expansion rules translated by gheintze
Lands_of_Ice_manual.pdfLands of Ice expansion rules
dt_rulebook_34players_en_1.pdfDungeon Twister expansion rules (3/4 players)
dtprison_rulebook1_en.pdfDungeon Twister Prison - Game rules and Tutorial
dtprison_rulebook2_solo_en.pdfDungeon Twister Prison - Solo Rules
dtprison_rulebook2_veterans_en.pdfDungeon Twister Prison - Veterans Rules

BasisSpiel.pdfDungeon Twister rules
dt_rulebook_34players_de.pdfDungeon Twister expansion rules (3/4 players)
PaladineundDrachen.pdfPaladins & Dragons expansion rules
MaechtederFinsternis.pdfPowers of Darkness expansion rules
Waldkreaturen.pdfSylvan Creatures expansion rules translated by Mayo66
Eiserde.pdfLands of Ice expansion rules
dtprison_rulebook1_de.pdfDungeon Twister Prison - Game rules and Tutorial
dtprison_rulebook2_solo_de.pdfDungeon Twister Prison - Solo Rules
dtprison_rulebook2_veterans_de.pdfDungeon Twister Prison - Veterans Rules

regleIT.pdfDungeon Twister rules
pd-italien.pdfPaladins & Dragons expansion rules
pdt-italien.pdfPowers of Darkness expansion rules

DT_espagnol_reglas.pdfDungeon Twister rules