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2nd South Carolina Open is this weekend!

Dungeon Twister returns to SCARAB

This weekend (Jan. 13-15) I'll be running Dungeon Twister events and tournaments at SCARAB in Columbia, SC (

I'll be running continuous demos of DT all weekend, with breaks for the other events. On Saturday afternoon, we'll have a three round DT:Prison tournament. Saturday night will be 3-4 player games. Sunday afternoon will be the 2nd South Carolina Open tournament. We'll be playing equal forces with a mixture of DT:Prison and the Base Game. There will be DT goodies for all participants and prizes (copies of DT:Prison and various expansions, and other boardgames) for the top players.

I'm hoping to have more local tournaments in the Triangle in 2012. I'll be sending a survey for input on those shortly.

There are a lot of exciting things going on with Dungeon Twister -- the video game for PC, PS3, and XBox should be released soon, expansions for DT:Prison are coming in 2012, and Asmodee will be helping to run tournaments in the US in 2012 -- so enjoy the ride!