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Recap of the 2011 NC Dungeon Twister Open at MACE

DT hits Tobacco Road!

This year at the MACE gaming convention in High Point, NC, we held the 1st ever North Carolina Dungeon Twister Open. I was really excited to hold a big DT event in my home state as well as to attend MACE for the first time.

The convention was much larger than I anticipated with a large variety of boardgames, rgp events, and miniature gaming.

Over the course of the weekend, I ran demos for both DT: Prison and Earth Reborn. I was privileged to introduce Dungeon Twister to several new players during the demos, some of which cleared their schedules to participate in the tournament sessions.

On Saturday afternoon, I ran a warm-up event for the tournament finals on Sunday. This was a three-round DT: Prison tournament. Myself and three other players participated.

Stand-alone Prison is a very challenging game for new players. There is a lot of combat and the rooms make it difficult to move quickly. But the other three participants had a great time and learned the game rapidly -- none of them had played the game before MACE.

The results:
Round 1
gheintze 5, Osfrey 1
Vern_S 5, capnyb 1

Round 2
gheintze 5, Vern_S 1
Osfrey 3, capnyb 2

Round 3
Vern_S 5, Osfrey 1
gheintze 5, Tim 0

Each participant was rewarded for his efforts with bonus Dungeon Twister pieces to take home.

After more demos on Sunday, we held the finals of the North Carolina DT Open in the afternoon. I tried a novel format for the event: a mixture of Prison and base game characters, items, and rooms. We played equal forces and I chose the teams for each round ahead of time.

There were six players for this event. Myself and two others had previously played in tournaments. Two of the players were new to tournaments, and one other participated in the opening round on Saturday.

There were many prizes at stake -- Asmodee, Ludically, and the International Dungeon Twister League were very generous with their support.


Round 1

Team: Wizard, Mekanork, Cleric, Troll, Backstabber, Banshee, Naga, Warrior
Items: Fireball Wand, Rope, Treasure, Speed Potion, Bow, Large Shield
Rooms: 2, 3, 37, 39

These were pretty balanced teams with a mixture of Hitters and Runners. Of course, the speed potion and treasure always opens things up a little. And after playing Prison all weekend, we were glad to see the more open rooms of the base game.

gheintze 5, clarence 0
jim 2, capnyb 1
jbays0 4, cinful 3


Round 2

Team: Wizard, Mekanork, Cleric, Backstabber, Thief, Goblin, Telepath, Wall-Walker
Items: Key, Rope, Fireball Wand, Telescoping Spear, Armor, Sword
Rooms: 1, 3, 38, 40

This was a very interesting game as there were no big fighters on the teams. A lot of fast characters and quick movements...

gheintze 4, jbays0 1
clarence 3, capnyb 0
jim 0, cinful 0


Round 3

The reverse of round 2. All of the fighters and only the Naga to help negotiate the rooms.

Team: Wizard, Mekanork, Cleric, Goblin, Troll, Naga, Warrior, Colossus
Items: Fireball Wand, Treasure, Rope, Key, Sword, Speed Potion
Rooms: 2, 3, 37, 38

clarence 5, jbays0 1
gheintze 1, jim 0
capnyb 4, cinful 3


Final Standings:
1st - gheintze
2nd - clarence
3rd - jbays0

As the referee, I'm not eligible for prizes. So, clarence took home Prison and two other expansions. jbays0, capnyb, and cinful all took one expansion (since jim already has all of them). In addition, everyone was able to choose one DT goodie as well.

It was great to mix and match the sets and to figure out the different combinations. I really enjoyed the format and hope the other players did as well. I look forward to trying this again at the 2nd South Carolina DT Open. It will be held at SCARAB ( in Columbia, South Carolina on Jan 14-15, 2012.

Until then...happy twisting!