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Format and Prizes for the 1st North Carolina Open

Nov. 11-13 at the MACE gaming convention

I am pleased to announce the format and prizes for the 1st North Carolina Open, to be held Nov 13 in High Point, NC at the MACE gaming convention (

The format will be Equal Forces using Dungeon Twister: Prison and the Base Game. There will be three rounds played to 5VP with a 45 minute time limit.

Round 1
Characters:Wizard, Mekanork, Cleric, Troll, Backstabber, Banshee, Naga, Warrior
Items:Fireball Wand, Rope, Treasure, Speed Potion, Bow, Large Shield

Round 2
Characters:Wizard, Mekanork, Cleric, Backstabber, Thief, Goblin, Telepath, Wall-Walker
Items:Fireball Wand, Rope, Key, Telescoping Spear, Armor, Sword

Round 3
Characters:Wizard, Mekanork, Cleric, Goblin, Troll, Naga, Warrior, Colossus
Items:Fireball Wand, Treasure, Rope, Key, Sword, Speed Potion

DT Goodies will be available for all participants. For the winners: 1st place - a copy of DT: Prison and one DT expansion, 2nd place -- 2 DT expansions, 3rd place -- 1 DT expansion

See you there! Please contact me if you have any questions.

Geoff Heintzelman