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Quick glimpse at… the First Open of Chartres

A new championship for Flo de San de Kerchuz

At the first glimmers of light, when honest civilians are still lost in their dreams, a bunch of people equipped with all kinds of containers, suitcases and boxes make it clear that there is a Dungeon Twister tournament near...

Today, on the 29th of June 2008, the first Open of Chartres begins!

A lot of people were present, each from various places of Europe, under the bright sun. It could only be a great day.

First round, heavy clash between two mighty beasts: Flo de San Kerchuz against Waly. The home team won over the titled “double World Champion”. We could hear Waly all day long yelling all over the place: “I don’t care, I won against Flo!”

After two rounds, a part of the players left to resupply at the nearest Quick, while the other part stayed and played and ate in the fighting arena.

In the afternoon came two pretty ladies that grew up the number of players to 15.

All dove in the buffet, where multiple homemade pastries awaited to be eaten, plus a cake, courtesy of Pascaline.

The two last games in the afternoon clarified the ranking, with interesting results:
Waly won over Flo
Flo took victory from Zalex
Zalex won against Waly

Parting time drew near, and we all took the road back home. Some might have to travel from far, but they will come back for sure!
See you all soon, at Chartres (September), at Orleans (end of July), or any other place!

With three victories :
1. Flo de San de Kerchuz
2. Zalex
3. Mika de Kerchuz

With two victories and a draw:
4. Gaia

With two victories
5. Waly
6. Yannfou45
7. JerĂ´me
8. JSP
9. Bruno

With one victory and a draw:
10. Petit Lutin

With one victory:
11. Johan
12. CĂ©cile

Without any victory :
13. Jean
14. Pascaline