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Tournoi Asmoday... by night!

Tournament organized as part of the Night of Asmoday Legends on September 18, 2011 at 1:00

Following a scramble with the invitations, I am organizing, a little late, a one night tournament during the Asmoday event. The format will be Full Frontal Secret Forces or Stand Alone Prison for new players. This tournament is open to all players, whether beginners or experts. The primary goal is obviously to have fun and to showcase our favorite game and its many facets.

On-site registration with myself (Nemesis, or Sylvain for short).
The matches will begin at 10:00 pm.
3 Swiss rounds of 45 minutes after which the winner will be chosen.
Some goodies will be available, but the real fun is elsewhere!

Warning! The tournament will take place as part of a convention by Asmodee and is by invitation only. Do not travel if you are not invited, you would stay at the door, and that's really annoying!

ps: do not rely on the former tournament news which indicated that the tournament would begin at 1:00 pm on Saturday. This has been advanced and replaced by this news item.