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Upcoming Tournament in Missouri

Recruits convention to host Dungeon Twister

I will be hosting a Dungeon Twister tournament at Recruits September 10, 2011. I will also be conducting demos on Friday (September 9) at 5pm.

The tournament on Saturday will get started at 9am with registration and games starting at 9:30am. The format will be Swiss with 45 minute rounds. Prizes have been supplied by the International Dungeon Twister League. I encourage players to bring their own copies to make sure they have a spot and pieces to play with as I only have a limited supply of tiles and figure flats.

You can look up Recruits at for more information. It is a great convention held at a local high school and it is geared toward what its name implies... recruiting new players to hobby of gaming.

Mike Dougan
Regional Manager, Midwest US
International Dungeon Twister League