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Report of the First National Championship of Quebec


First, it was a big 'road trip' for the regional manager to drive... 6 hours (there and back) since I was making detours to carpool to the tournament!

We arrived at the Cégep de Trois-Rivières around 12:30, and I was particularly pleased that Cigal had found such a nice place to play ... A cafeteria for us all. We were alone with only some fans watching basketball team and cheering from time to time.

We had seven players ... only those who have confirmed their participation in advance. To determine the player who takes the bye and to see who was playing against who, we decided to draw combat cards 0-6 ... So the player drawing 0 took the bye, 1 and 2 played against each other and so on.

First Round

As if by serendipity, I played against my good friend Gwar ... Game commentary: I played defense and Gwar 3 +0 (failed while bluffing) with his Golden Dragon on my Dwarf Troll Slayer.

The same goes for Capitaine and David (now SirKirby) ... Game commentary: very good placement of the Cleric by SirKirby annoyed Capitaine throughout this game.

Finally a new match-up , my apprentice (Kwadneuf) against the 2009 Champion (Phoenixio) ... Game commentary: there is really not much to say, except that my apprentice showed the champion that he was a little rusty.

Frankco 6 - Gwar 3 (Mercenaries)
SirKirby 5 - Capitaine 2 (Full Frontal)
Phoenixio 6 - Kwadneuf 3 (Prison)

Second Round

Another new match-up between Cigal and Gwar ... Game commentary: Gwar continues to use the Cleric well.

My nemesis (Capitaine) faces me in the second round ... Game commentary: too intimidated by my friend Capitaine, I gained possession of 2 Orbs of Peace and to try to remove the fear from my characters. In the end, I had only 4 points and only one character remainig... So Capitaine was eager to remove this nuisance.

Yet another new match-up between Kwadneuf and SirKirby ... Game commentary: a bad rescue by Kwadneuf with the cleric. Finally after two good game, the Cleric was exhausted.

Gwar 5 - Cigal 3 (Prison)
Capitaine 5 - Frankco 4 (Woodland Creatures)
SirKirby 5 - Kwadneuf 1 (Prison)

Third Round

Finally, I was matched with the player I had been waiting for, Phoenixio ... Game commentary: what Phoenixio feared before the start of the game came true ... The Holy Cross created havoc on his time killing 3 of his characters for four VP in five actions.

Having won against me, Capitaine now faced Cigal ... Game Commentary: not too complicated to explain, the Red Dragon of Capitaine used his fire breath many times.

To complete the third round, Gwar played against SirKirby ... Game Commentary: experienced DT players know how it can be fatal to allow the opposing troll to capture the Fireball Wand -- this is what happened to Gwar.

Frankco 5 - Phoenixio 2 (Forces of Darkness)
Capitaine 5 - Cigal 2 (Paladins & Dragons)
SirKirby 5 - Gwar 0 (Base Game)

The Fourth Round (primarily played so that every player had 3 games)

Kwadneuf against Cigal ... Game Commentary: just bad setup, less travel and room for misplaced Kwadneuf.

Since SirKirby dominated here, he was chosen to give the third game to Phoenixio ... Game Commentary: SirKirby remains undefeated as he gets 4 points with his Red Dragon.

Cigal 5 - Kwadneuf 2 (Prison)
SirKirby 5 - Phoenixio 1 (Paladins & Dragons)

1. David >>> 3 victories... (+12)
2. Frankco85 >>> 2 victories, 1 defeat (+5)
3. Capitaine >>> 2 victories, 1 defeat (+1)
4. Cigal >>> 1 victory, 2 defeats (-2)
5. Phoenixio >>> 1 victory, 2 defeats (-4)
6. Gwar >>> 1 victories, 2 defeats (-6)
7. Kwadneuf >>> 3 defeats...

Prizes were the Goodies DT-V1,
- David >>> Minotaur.
- Capitaine >>> the famous rooms P3 (the last in Québec).
- Cigal >>> Zombies/Bat standups & alternate Fire and Water characters (from Kwadneuf, who didn't want his goodies).
- Phoenixio >>> Forces of Darkness objects.
- Gwar >>> Forces of Darkness objects.

Finally, we discussed the possibilities of the next tournament, how we played, what we learned and we said goodbye! In short, it was a beautiful day of DT!

P.S. Welcome to the new League member - Cigal


Francis Desjardins