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The 3rd German Championship

The new champion will be crowned on July 30th in Bonn

On the 30th of July 2011 (starting at noon) the German Dungeon Twister community will be looking for its new Champion. After the winners of the previous two tournaments (Foududonjon ’09 and Mayo66 ’10) came from Belgium and Germany, for the first time some French players will try to gain the treasured cup. Many aspirants for the title as well as some Newcomers means much fun and excitement.

In keeping with tradition, the German Championship will be held at the FeenCon in Bonn. The participants are probably going to see some con visitors in “interesting” costumes and maybe there it will be possible to find some good deals on board games.

Depending on the number of participants there will be four or five rounds using the Swiss system. The format will be Full Random Equal with all German boxes (Basic game, Paladins and Dragons, Forces of Darkness and Prison). To be more exact, this means that before each round the teams will be drawn at random and be used by all players. Characters and items that have already been drawn will be blocked for the following rounds, so in the end every piece will be used once. Beginners are allowed to play standalone Prison instead.


As usual, alongside the cup there will be some games and tons of goodies as prizes. Participation is free, you’ll only have to pay the entrance fee to FeenCon (7 €).

Who is going to be the German Champion of 2011? The Countdown has started…