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Flashback on the Belgian Championship

A man and his bride…

On the 22nd of June 2008, 20 players were reunited at the Wolubilis, where the first Asmoday Bruxelle took place, to participate in the third Belgian Championship. Many were present, including the well know German “Six pack”, a single French player and a group of 13 Belgian ones, within which Olivier, who just won the “Open of Lille”, was pretty confident.

Five rounds would have had been necessary, but timing restrictions only allowed four rounds to be played. Nothing could be done: the room closed its doors at 18h00.

The beauty and the Beast, Puk and Vandenabeele, both won their four matches, and thus are both granted the title of Belgian Champion, until next year’s event.

Hervé took third place, a great rank for a first tournament participation.

Olivier had his worst tournament ever, with 3 defeats and a draw. What a change from Lille...

Here’s the final ranking after the four rounds:

With four victories:
1. Vandenabeele
1. Puk

With three victories and a defeat
3. Phoebus
4. Deleep
5. Be_Seb
6. Bone

With two victories and two defeats
7. Sumpfgraf
8. HauptmannKarotte
9. Sherinford
10. Zombinou
11. Foududonjon
12. Mayo

With a victory, a draw, and two defeats
13. Hoppipola
14. Dan Ga
15. Megaz

With a victory and three defeats
16. Deneidis
17. Janno
18. Diepyries

With a draw and three defeats
19. Olivier

With four defeats
20. Slydog