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A Parisian takes the title!

The report of the 2011 Championship of France


The 7th Dungeon Twister Championship of France was held June 18 in Orleans under a sky heavy with rain. In total, 19 players competed in a friendly and sportsmanslike atmosphere. Unfortunately, the defending champion could not make the trip, but participants came from Bordeaux, Caen, Le Mans, Paris, Chartres, Bourges, Montpellier and Belgium (in the case of our friend Sherinford). Chris also came to Nice and used the the tournament as an opportunity to have a look at TricTrac and uploaded some videos of "prototypes" or nearly finished games.

The competition was 5 rounds using a format pioneered in the last Three Nations Cup tournament (of which I have yet to see a report), the Full Frontal Known Team. Four beginners (Peetsa, Thundara, Yannis & Zeblate) played with Prison during the day.

All players arrived at the appointed hour.

Just for historical background, a few days before the tournament began, a proposal was made to the League board to appoint seeds for this tournament. In all, there would have been four players that were seeded so that they could only meet in the semifinals at the earliest. These seedings would have been made according to previous results at the six Championships of France and also the LIDT rankings, if necessary. But the Board of Directors for the League was not in favor of this proposal. These players would have been Archimythoman, Sherinford, Nemoadd, and Zalex. Instead, the tournament began with completely random pairings.


Act 1: The Beginning
The first round started at precisely 11:17. The random draw decided that Archimythoman and Nemoadd should compete in the first round. The referee took the bye in order to prepare lunch.

Archimythoman – Nemoadd 6-5
Gaïa – DocStrange 6-2
Waly – Thundara 5-1
InitialBB – Arclune 6-3
Sherinford – Yannfou 6-2
Chris – Peetsa 5-1
Grissom – Dragounet 6-5
Zalex – Yannis 6-2
Otipep – Zeblate 5-0
Bye: Phil Goude

Act 2: The Announcement
Under pressure from gamers and their questions about the future of DT, Chris responded. Yes, there will be a expansion to DT called "Traps". A week before the tournament, the designer's favorite DT artist began the first sketches. Then, sculpting the figurines can take place, the costs estimated, and production. Finally yes, the expansion "Traps" will be released in four blister packs, each with two characters in yellow/blue, two objects, and a pair of rooms. We will have to wait until the beginning of 2012 to see the first expansion. This line of multiple expansions will be released over the course of a year. After the above announcements, the players took their places to witness the defeat of a favorite for the title.

Zalex – Sherinford 6-2
Gaïa – Initial BB 6-2
Archimythoman – Grissom 6-5
Chris – Otipep 6-2
Dragounet – Waly 9-5
Nemoadd – Phil Goude 6-2
Arclune – DocStrange 6-4
Yannfou – Yannis 6-1
Zeblate - Peetsa 6-1
Bye: Thundara


Act 3: The BBQ
The players who finished their first round began preparing lunch. Despite the Normandy weather, a few rays of sunshine allowed us to eat while resting our minds. On the menu: appetizers with a little beer or a soft drink for some and spicy sausage and chips with tomato and a slice of melon for hydration. Four players had two victories. Some players wanted to leave early, and we could have finished the Championship in four rounds. Of course, the tournament was announced for five rounds (with 19 players). We had to make a choice. Zeblate, a beginner from Orleans had to honor a previous commitment would leave us with regret. Before the start of the third round, we voted on the number of rounds for the tournament: five rounds received seven votes, there were four votes for four rounds, and the remaining seven players abstained. Gaia, the most affected by this vote, remained until the end!

Zalex – Gaïa 6-5
Archimythoman – Chris 6-1
Dragounet – Nemoadd 6-4
Grissom – Waly 6-5
Arclune – Yannfou 6-5
Sherinford – InitalBB 6-3
Phil Goude – Otipep 6-4
Thundara – DocStrange 5-2
Peetsa – Yannis 7-3

Act 4: The Confirmation
This round could have been the last and may have been the Championship final. Both players with three wins would compete and have a good chance to win the title. Zalex confirmed his superiority in this event by beating the entire series of the top DT players since Archimythoman was Champion of France in 2008.

Zalex – Archimythoman 6-5
Gaïa – Dragounet 6-5
Sherinford – Chris 6-2
Arclune – Grissom 6-1
Phil Goude – Thundara 4-2
Waly – Nemoadd 6-5
Yannfou – Otipep 6-3
DosStrange – Yannis 5-1
InitialBB – Peetsa 5-3

Act 5: The Coronation
This last round could have been a trap for Zalex, who at this point was the only competitor with four victories. But he asserted his supremacy and won the title with five wins in five matches. Peetsa had also a previous commitment and left us. Yannis took the bye.

Zalex – Arclune 6-2
Gaïa – Archimythoman 6-4
Sherinford – Phil Goude 6-0
Dragounet – Yannfou 6-5
Waly – InitialBB 6-3
Chris – Grissom 6-4
Nemoadd – thundara 6-3
Docstrange – otipep 6-1
Bye: Yannis

We must thank the technical support of the AJTL who graciously lent us the room, and the shop Eureka of Orleans, Hydravision, Ludically, and Yannfou for the production of trophies.


Classement final :

(5 victories)
1. Zalex

(4 victories)
2. Gaïa
3. Sherinford

(3 victories)
4. Dragounet
5. Archimythoman
6. Waly
7. Arclune
8. Chris
9. Phil Goude

(2 victories)
10. Nemoadd
11. Yannfou
12. Grissom
13. Docstrange
14. Initial BB
15. Thundara

(1 victory)
16. Otipep
17. Peetsa (4 games)
18. Yannis
19. Zeblate (2 games)

Players spent a pleasant day to meet with regular players and old friends and talking to Chris Boelinger, but were also happy to meet new players. Beginners from Orleans enjoyed their baptism with fire and have sworn to create a local community to prepare for upcoming tournaments.

As far as statistical information, I only had nine cards completed out of 15. So You will only have partial information on this tournament.

Of the 19 participants, 15 played with the Full Frontal Known Team. Here's what we can learn by studyin the 15 teams selected:

The composition of teams:
The characters most chosen were the Golden Dragon and the Wizard which were selected 11 times, followed by the Angel of Light. Then the Elf Scout, the Courtesan and the Samurai were selected nine times, and the Dark Angel 8 times. The Troll and the Assassin were selected 7 and 6 times respectively. It was a normal kind of team since you had an even chance to meet them on the other team. A group of five characters were selected five times: the Red Dragon, the Stone Elemental, the Banshee, the Backstabber, and the Thief.

Next for the objects: the Key and the Holy Cross were taken 11 times. Although the Fireball Wand only can be used by the Wizard, it was selected 10 times, as was the Torch -- to make up for the Angel of Light which was not taken by some players. Fear of ranged combat drove nine players to select the Large Shield. The Charm Scrool and the Rope were chosen eight times and the Dragonslayer seven.

The choice of rooms wass a surprise, since of the 40 pairs of room, only 17 pairs were selected and in particular, the pairs 13 and 26 were taken by four players. Two players selected both of these pairs. Two other players have alternated the pair with one of the five other rooms betwen 13 and 26. And two other players took the pairs 13 and 14 or 26 and 27. Nevertheless, except for Gaia, these rooms have not been lucky for their players. In addition to these rooms being fairly open and dangerous when faced with repulsion, the players also have adjusted their strategy with rooms from Mercenaries equipped with ultra-gravity or Prison rooms since the pair 37 was taken by three players including Zalex. Then there are the rooms from the Fire and Blood expansion for 3/4 chosen by players who choose the running stratey such as Gaia, mixed or not. We saw few rooms from Woodland Creatures, totally played by Archimythoman, or Forces of Darkness, since only the tomb room was used by one player. No rooms from the base game, the 3/4 Player expansion, or Lands of Ice.

While lacking complete information on the choice of characters and objects in each round, we can still bring you more comprehensive information. You can still see all the teams created on the website of Okko in the menu and click on "Decks". Note that Gaia's team was based completely on escaping and could, according to him, win or perish in two cycles. The team of Zalex consisted of fighters, and Sherinford's team of fighters and repulsion abilities.

We look forward to the first half of 2012 and the 8th Championship of France.