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Results of the 2011 Triad Spring Tournament

And upcoming events in the Carolinas...

This past weekend I drove to beautiful Winston-Salem, NC to run the first ever Dungeon Twister tournament in the Triad.

It was held at a pizza place, the Upper Crust Pizza Parlor, which was a very good location (and had an excellent sausage sandwich, btw). We had plenty of room and beverages. It's good that we had so much space, as we had 10 players for the tournament -- which is a wonderful showing by the fans in the area.


Many of them were introduced to Dungeon Twister in January at the 2011 South Carolina Open at SCARAB (, and I was glad to see them all again. Apparently, they've been playing DT in the intervening months as they were all much improved. :)

I was also pleased to have four new players there. It's always fun to teach the game and see how much a player can improve in their first three games.

In any case, having 10 players stretched the limit for me to have enough base games, so one group played on the 3/4 player rooms.


The results of the first round:
gheintze 6, engarde 2
aesirknight 5, elite ellis 2
bdodd 3, grayfox107 1
ox2000 2, cinful 1
jbays0 2, katmir


Second round:
gheintze 5, aesirknight 2
elite ellis 5, katmir 0
jbays0 5, engarde 1
grayfox107 5, cinful 1
bdodd 2, ox2000 0

In the third round, we played to six VP, just to add a new challenge. In addition, I got to play with the 3/4 player rooms for this one. They are much less open, so movement is that much more difficult. The game was also a challenge, as I was facing the 2011 South Carolina Champion, bdodd. Due to a costly mistake with the wizard and the speed potion by my opponent, I was able to squeak out the 6-4 win.


Third round:
gheintze 6, bdodd 4
ox2000 7, katmir 0
jbays0 6, elite ellis 4
cinful 4, engarde 3
grayfox107 4, aesirknight 3

I was fortunate enough to win the tournament, but as the referee, I don't get the prize. So jbays0 was the lucky winner of a copy of Mercenaries as well as the ArchMage Treasure rooms. Everyone else also received a US goodie for participating in the tournament.



I was very impressed with the turnout and enthusiasm of the players in Winston and look forward to seeing them at more events. I'm currently planning the next local tournament in North Carolina. I'd really like to find a location in Greensboro -- which would be about halfway between Durham and Winston-Salem. That would be convenient for the two groups in NC which play regularly.

I'm also currently planning for the 2011 North Carolina Open at MACE ( on Nov. 12-13 in High Point, NC and the 2012 South Carolina Open at SCARAB on January 14-15 in Columbia, SC. I'm also starting to think about the 2012 Southeast US Regional Championships which I hope to hold at ConCarolinas in June 2012.

Thanks for reading and happy twisting,