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Calling all DT players!

Championship of France and the Chartres Open


The 7th DT Championship of France will be held Saturday, June 18, 2011 in Orleans in the presence of the designer of the game.

One month ago, the announcement was made in the League forums ( see by clicking here and it is not too late to register.

We currently have around twenty registered players including both beginners and experienced players. In order to encourage all to play, beginners will have the option of playing with the Prison base game, no matter the opponent. For experienced players, we will adopt the format of the last Three Nations Cup -- the Full Frontal Known Team (FFKT). This format requires a great knowledge of the game which you can improve for free by reviewing the Rules section and glossary.

But what is it the FFKT?
Experienced players will choose a larger team from among all official Dungeon Twister expansions, including:
- 2 pairs of rooms;
- 11 characters;
- and eight objects.
Restrictions of FFKT:
- The common objects can each be selected only once;
- The balland chain and the ring of weakness are prohibited;
- The Disciple and the Merciless One are the only goodies allowed;
- The rooms Goodies P1, P2 and P3 will not be allowed in this tournament.
Each player will play all matches with the two pairs of rooms that have been selected and will know in advance the terrain on which the game will be played -- his two room pairs and his opponent's two room pairs.
Before placement, each player will receive a list of the expanded team of his opponent. Having this information, each player will select eight of the 11 characters and 6 of the 8 objects from his expanded team.
For organizational reasons we ask each participant to duplicates of his team roster before arriving at the tournament. One copy will be submitted to the referee, and the other will be given to his various opponents during the competition.
The games in FFKT are played to 6 victory points.

The championship will be held in France in rue des sternes à Olivet (45160) located south of Orleans. The tournament begins at 11 o'clock sharp. You are advised to arrive 30 minutes before the tournament begins.

[a]Signups must be registered on the forum (link above) or 30 minutes before the tournament if you are registered the day of the tournament. You must pay a €3 fee. After Round 2, a barbecue lunch will be provided.

This year, prizes are offered by the following organizations.
imageimageimage and the store Eureka in Orleans.

The League wishes to thank the local association for making the room available.

Also, if you want to play more games of DT, you can also participate in the 4th Open de Chartres which will take place the next day, Sunday, June 19. You can register by following the link.