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Dungeon Twister Tournament in Kansas, US

DT takes a trip to the middle of North America!

Batei is running a couple of DT events at Kantcon this year. You can find the main website for the convention at The convention is July 8-10, 9am to 11pm, and located at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, KS.

The downlow on the DT events:

Demo and Freeplay Friday afternoon, slot 2 (2pm - 6pm). I will have the base sets and some expansions for newbies and well acquanted gamers alike to play with during this session. But, please feel free to bring anything specific (base set or expansion wise) you want to try out or play with that day.

The tournament is Saturday afternoon, slot 2 (2pm - 6pm). The format will be Swiss and the number of rounds depending on how many players we get. I have space for 12 players currently. Rounds will be 45 minutes. The winner is the first player to 5VP or who has the most at the end of a round. Base sets are encouraged and anyone who has a set to bring to help me have enough base pieces for everyone will have my gratitude!

Prizes and goodies will be provided by the International Dungeon Twister League. for more information. We will have US tournament goodies for participants and a copy of Mercenaries for the winner.

If you have any questions, please post in the forums (here or at boardgamegeek).