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Results of the 2011 Durham, NC Spring Tournament

Six players gather to fight in the dungeons...

Yesterday, was the 2011 Durham Spring Tournament in Durham, NC. We had six players participate -- myself (gheintze), nordiskanc (who won the tournament last spring), scorpion (2nd place last spring), tiffany, and two new players -- tcowart and davejt119.

The tournament format was as follows: the first two round would be played to 5 VP with a 45 minute time limit. The last round would be to 6 VP with a 60 minute time limit. Everyone chose to play stand alone (equal forces was the rule). All games were played with the base game except one.

I'll only be able to provide details on my games, since I can't watch all of them. If some of the other players check in, they can add more details.

First round (all base game):
Tiffany 5, Nordiskanc 2
gheintze 5, tcowart 2
scorpion 5, davejt119 2

For the first round, I played tcowart -- since he had never played before, I wanted to be able to answer any questions and to explain the rules. He did manage to escape his thief with the treasure. But I killed his goblin and wall-walker early on and he never recovered.

Despite all the games ending in a 5-2 score, I was able to sort out the matchups for the second round. Again, all of the games were played with the base set.

Second round:
gheintze 6, scorpion 4
nordiskanc 5, tcowart 2
davejt119 5, Tiffany 2

The match between myself and scorpion was very contested. Early on I revealed a room that contained my troll, his warrior and goblin. Unfortunately, I made an error in placement and was only able to wound (and the kill) the warrior (my thief was nearby with the sword), while the goblin escaped. In the meantime, his troll escaped (he was placed in the row next to my starting line) and the score was 1-1. I then moved my thief to wound his goblin. Unfortunately, his thief picked up the other sword to wound my thief.
I'm getting sort of murky on these details in between, but I think that he managed to escape with his thief using the speed potion and picked up a treasure on the way. He then fireballed my troll to get four points.
I moved my cleric forward to heal my thief and killed his goblin. I also used the speed potion and fireball wand to kill his wizard before he escaped. So the score was now 4-3, but he only had three characters left and I had seven.
We were running out of time, so i knew I needed to make my last moves count. Luckily, my thief (still with the sword) could reach his wall walker who was carrying the treasure. I killed her, took the treasure and escaped for my last three points to win the game.

Third round (played to 6 VP):
gheintze 6, nordiskanc 2 (played with Paladins and Dragons)
davejt119 7, tcowart 0
scorpion 7, tiffany 3

For the third round, nordiskanc and I decided to play with Paladins and Dragons -- we just wanted to play something different. I won't go through the whole game, but he scored his two points by escaping with his Pickpocket and Elf Scout. I managed to get control of both teleportation rings, and used one of them to teleport my Red Dragon to fireball his Dragon early on. I also used my golem to break down some walls to kill his ghost, who was in the pentacle room. I then placed my Golem there for that VP. I also charmed his Weapon Master and made her move under some falling rocks and then escaped my ghost for the last point.

All in all, everyone had a good time and picked up some Dungeon Twister goodies for participating. I was happy to win my first tournament.

I'm already starting to plan the next local tournament in North Carolina. I'm not sure whether it will be in the Triangle or the Triad but should know in a few weeks. Just a reminder -- the 1st North Carolina DT Open is being held on Nov. 12-13 in High Point, NC at the MACE gaming convention ( Mark your calendars...