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Chris Boelinger in Cannes

The DT trailer and video-clip exclusively

The author of Dungeon Twister, Christophe Boelinger, will be in Cannes on Ludically's stand to present a bunch of new games.

You will see there his new-born child, Earth Reborn, and all Ludically's new releases: Sarena, Castle, or Rimes et Rap. That's why the community has to wait in the dungeon of the Archmage's in order to see, one day, the release of DT : Traps. At last, you will have the opportunity to test it!.

But there is more!


Hydravision, the company that will release the DT video-game, will also be there to present it. Its stand will be located just besides Ludically's one, and you will have the opportunity to meet the developpers, try it and even, maybe, participate in a little local tournament on console. Thus, you will be able to check the differences between the game with "joypads" and the game with "figurines".

Differences, you will also have the opportunity to find some on site because the trailer and video clip will be presented in exclusivity on February 25th 2011. By the way, here are two pictures taken from the video clip. One is taken from the 1st version which we will call European version, the other comes from the 2nd version, the American one. This second version has been made necessary for the video-game to be authorized on the ground of the New World without harming the younger's sensibility. So, this is a différences game! That reminds me of something!!!



The trailer will be available and visible on youtube from February 25th 2011 on. The video clip should make his debut from mid-March on. There it is: the starting signal for the marketting campaign of the video game! Do not worry: the release date of the game will be announced during this campaign. When? Only the Archmage knows, so stay alert!!!