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Leak of information....


Just like Chris said: « It was about time! »
To all those Dungeon Twister players, living in the jungle, without any single opponents in a 100 kilometres radius, and overwhelmed by a family or by work (or both), rejoice!
The virtual adaptation of everyone’s favourite board game is in progress, and began about 4 months ago.

“Everybody will be happy”
The game will be available on every next-gen console (PS3, Wii, Xbox360, maybe DS, and obviously, PC). The game will be playable online via a simple Internet connection and will allow everybody to challenge ANYONE on the planet! A solo mode will be available on this gem, just like a ¾ player variant. Most original game modes will also be present for your enjoyment.

Edited by Hydravision, the game should see the shelves at the beginning of 2009.
As for now, we don't know if all extensions will be available in the game, but if it’s not the case, we might expect to see add-ons...