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1st South Carolina Open at SCARAB is a Success! (pictures added)

Results of the first Open DT tournament in the US

Well, I returned yesterday from the SCARAB gaming convention in South Carolina. It was a great time and Eric and I played just about 48 straight hours of Dungeon Twister!

Eric (Gamethyme) flew in from Seattle, Washington for the 1st ever open DT tournament in the United States. After driving to South Carolina, we set up our large collection of DT boxes, preparing to teach the game to as many interested players as possible.

The first evening (from about 4PM-12AM) was very successful and I estimate that we taught the game to 10-12 new players. During the slow times, Eric and I managed to get in a game or two of DT: Prison.

image image

Saturday morning we demoed the game for 5-10 more players, many of whom chose to participate in the initial tournament round that afternoon. I also showed some of the players how solo DT: Prison worked.


We had eight participants in the first round of the tournament, seven of whom had just learned the game at the convention. We were still actually teaching some of the players in the initial games. We played on the Base Set or Prison.



First Round
Pelorite 2, ox2000 2
Public Enigma 2, jbays0 2
Cinful 3, gheintze 2
bdodd 4, gregarious42 0

2nd Round
Public Enigma 5, Cinful 2
bdodd 3, ox2000 2
jbays0 5, Pelorite 2
gheintze 5, gregarious 42
zwall71 5, Elite_Ellis 0

3rd Round
bdodd 5, Public Enigma 2
jbays0 3, gheintze 3
Cinful 5, Pelorite 2
ox2000 5, gregarious42 0

This round was just a qualifying round for the championship on Sunday. Since there were only eight players, all of us moved on to the championship. In the 2nd Qualifying round that day, there were only two players, Gamethyme and Elite_Ellis. Both of them were available to play on Sunday as well. We also opened it up to anyone else who was interested, since we taught the game to a few more players on Saturday evening.

Also on Saturday evening, we played several games of 3 and 4 players with the base set characters. Many of the players who learned the game were very interested in expanding it to 3 and 4 players so they were excited to try it out. We played until about midnight -- I participated in at least three games, but my memory is failing me for the exact details.

image image image

On Sunday, we demoed again in the morning and Gamethyme and I also fit in a match of Paladins and Dragons (he won 5-4). Then on Sunday afternoon was the championship round. We had 10 participants and the games were played with the Base Set. Here are the results:

1st Round
Gamethyme 6, Cinful 4
gheintze 5, zwall71 3
bdodd 5, ox2000 0
Pelorite 6, Elite_Ellis 0
gregarious42 3, jbays0 2

2nd Round
bdodd 5, Pelorite 1
gamethyme 4, gregarious42 3
gheintze 4, ox2000 3
jbays0 5, Cinful 4

3rd Round
bdodd 5, gheintze 0
gamethyme 5, pelorite 3
jbays0 6, zwall71 0
Cinful 3, ox2000 2
elite_Ellis 5, gregarious42 1

The final statndings were:
1. bdodd
2. gamethyme
3. jbays0
4. gheintze
5. pelorite


All the participants received a cardboard goodie. In addition, bdodd received DT: Prison and Paladins and Dragons, jbays0 took home Forces of Darkness and Mercenaries, and Pelorite received a copy of Fire and Water.

Overall, I was very impressed with how quickly the newcomers picked up the strategies of the game as well as their enthusiasm for the game. I hope too play against all of them soon at more tournaments in North Carolina (since 8 of the 10 players are from the Tar Heel State). Look for an announcement soon for the next local tournament in the Triangle area of NC.

Lastly, I would like to thank the organizers of SCARAB for putting on a great convention and allowing Dungeon Twister to be a part of it. I look forward to the 2nd South Carolina Dungeon Twister Open at SCARAB 2012.

It would also be appropriate to thank Eric Franklin (gamethyme) for flying all the way from Seattle to help with the tournament and the demos. His teaching ability and enthusiasm were invaluable additions to the DT events and I enjoyed spending time with him and his wife (as well as getting in my first four plays of Earth Reborn!).

Until the next tournament -- happy twisting,