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An elf scout of good omen

The output of the video game is close and the league has exclusive info!

Hello to all, the League has just received fresh informations thanks to an elf scout from the Targane's borders. This scout knows full info on a video game that should no longer delay to go out on our next generation consoles and PC.

Here is the most expected interview by all DT players:

Hello can you introduce yourself to the league?

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Francois and I am in charge of the development of Dungeon Twister, here at Hydravision. I know that there is a lot of you questioning yourself about Dungeon Twister the video game. What’s up? Is the development still ongoing ? What is the release date? That is true, we haven’t given you any new for ages… From now on, I am going to give you news on it on a regular basis (well… I will try to).

What pushes you to disclose those top secret informations of the Archmage?

I have been thinking about that for a while. Thus, when waking up this morning, I decided that the time had come to give you more info about what is going on. Yes, I am fed up with receiving mails of yelling fans complaining about our lack of communication (I like it a lot actually and the mails are pretty cool indeed). We have also been working for a while now on the game, so we are inevitably eager to talk about it. As the game is about to be released, it is time for you to know more about it, isn’t it? Don’t worry, Hydravision is more talented at developing game than at communicating on them.

Could you explain the delay ?

First of all, the game is going to be released soon, a matter of months. Good news, isn’t it? Here is a small explanation of why the game has been delayed so much. The release was planned one year ago… God, the time is running so fast! Dungeon Twister was first planned for the Xbox 360, then a few months later on the PlayStation 3. You have to know that to be able to release a game on the XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade games are those intended to be distributed in a digital way on the Xbox 360), you must work with a publisher that matches Microsoft’s criteria. It was not an issue because we had a publisher: Playlogic. Small problem: Playlogic went banckrupt in the middle of the development. So we went back to square one! We then decided to develop the PlayStation 3 version first, while looking for a new publisher for the Xbox 360. It is almost done. Let’s cross fingers. As you can see, developing a video game is not always that easy. As in Dungeon Twister, it seems that in real life too “the easy way is always twisted”!

You get lost, young elf! We want news for the league !

But let’s get back to the game. What has changed since the last time that some of you had the chance to play to the game at Hydravision for the world championship or at Essen? Well… the game is still more beautiful than before, and there is much more content, both in solo and multiplayer modes. What doesn’t change? The game will be available in digital distribution. You will be able to download the game for around 12-15 Euros both for the consoles and PC.

Regarding the formats, the game will be first released on the PlayStation 3 and on the Xbox 360, the same day. The Wii is on the other hand not planned any more. Neither the DS. The good news is that I can confirm there will be a PC version that will be released around 6 months after the consoles version. And the interface will be customized for the PC with a real mouse and keyboard management.

About the exact release date, I still don’t exactly know. The PlayStation 3 version is nearly achieved. It could be released in 2 weeks… but that’s not possible. We have to synchronize the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 versions. All I can say is that you won’t have to wait too long now. To be patient, here are exclusive screenshots of the PlayStation 3 game. You are the first to see them.

Next time, I will tell you more about the game content.

By the way, Hydravision will attend the International Festival of Games that will take place in Cannes in France late in February. We will share a booth with Ludically. So, if you are planning to go there, come to say hello!