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The Future belongs to Us !!!

Dungeon Twister Expansions and League's membership in 2011

In the secrecy of his lair, the Archmage is working on new material for Dungeon Twister Prison, with the objective of a 2011 release. According to the rumors, his most trusted disciples have already played a few games on the prototype version of these expansions. They whisper in the shadows that the future of the Dungeons is filled with deadly traps, arrows triggered from the other side of the maze, and even gigantic balls crushing everyone on their path. Most of the material will be new, but it is said that the Archmage will provide some very rare characters from the goodies stock, perhaps even the famous Time Master,below in original version , that only a handfull of players got during a tournament in Paris, a few years ago... Our spies are still working to bring the details of these expansions to you: we will keep you posted.


On the League's Front, the membership for 2011 is now open and will cost 10 euros, just like last year. The members will receive golden targans and the possibility to buy the exclusive Disciple Miniature playset in its blue/yellow or red/green version for 5 euros + the shipping costs. They also have access to exclusive previews about the upcoming Dungeon Twister products on the League website.

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If you wish to get the Exclusive 2011 figurines, a forum is open to organize its distribution as well as to let you know the shipping costs. If you know of other players living near you, we will try to combine shipments to reduce the overall cost.