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PAP reigns in France!

Results of the 2010 Championship of France


During the Festival des jeux de l'intelligence du Mans was held the latestt Dungeon Twister Championship of France .
14 players from France and Navarre, as well as Belgium, participated in this event.

The championship was played with Equal Forces scenarios.
The principle is as follows: The starting format remains Prison, but a character, a pair of rooms and objects are drawn from the V1 expansions to add something different and especially to crush the brains of the participants.

For Round 1, the Golem, the rooms of rifts, and the Ring of Teleportation are added to the game in order to avoid the turtles which are so unpleasant in Prison. Room Pair 31, the Telepath and Fireball Wand were removed.


In Round 2, emphasis was placed on repulsion. Lava rooms, the Fire Elemental, and the Ring of Repulsion replaced the room pair 37, the cleric, and the Fireball Wand.

Following these two rounds, four players were still vying for the title: Pap vs. Nemoadd and Sherinford vs. Waly


In Round 3, strategies based on inversion and the zombie army of the Necromancer will work out well for Belgium as Pap and Sherinford will meet in the finals after three consecutive victories apiece.


The decisive round will be played with room pair 24 and which has advantages and disadvantages for characters who find themselves in that terrain. The advantage is the armories and the braziers that might help the Assassin become a real Goliath.
The disadvantage comes from falling rocks which will be highly prized squares for those who use the Charm Scrolls present in this round. This final round was the closest with 3 draws and 4 games which ended with scores of 5-4 or 4-3.

PAP pulls out the win masterfully to remain unbeaten in the Championship!



4 wins:
1. Pap

3 wins:
2. Sherinford

2 wins and 1 draw:
3. Danaru

4. Roy Tamir
5. Grissom 33
6. Waly

2 wins:
7. Space david
8. Nemoadd
9. Yannfou

1 win and 1 draw:
10. Slydog
11. Doc Strange

1 win:
12. Zalex
13. Istvan

0 victory:
14. Weary Nurm

Thank you to everyone who made the trip to Le Mans during this holiday season and we look forward to next year in new frontiers and a new championship.