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A Belgian won at Lille !

The summary of the first Open.

They were 8 mighty opponents for this first « Open of Lille » event. Two groups were made so that 4 rounds could be played.

Group A: Mutuf, Deneidis, Kalhan, Maxime

All has been set on the third round between Mutuf and Deneidis who had won their two previous matches. The victory was Mutuf’s, the local referee. Maxime ended third after winning against Kahlan in a tight battle.


Group B: Olivier, John Clark, Goule et Jejam

Goule, a surprising outsider who made its first appearance during the last DT Glisse, and Jejam, previously 7th at the last World Championship, both failed to achieve a victorious run. Olivier took the first place without any problems, and John Clark brilliantly fought for 2nd place over Jejam. A promising beginner, we might say.

2-John Clark

During the final round, each player fought against the participant from the other group of the same rankings (1st vs 1st, 2nd vs 2nd, etc.)
Olivier won over Mutuf
Jonn Clark took third place from Deneidis
Jejam won over Maxime
Goule luckily avoided the 8th place against Kalhan

Final ranking:

1. Olivier
2. Mutuf
3. Jonn Clark
4. Deneidis
5. Jejam
6. Maxime
7. Goule
8. Kalhan

Olivier won the competition, without encountering great opposition. However, those of you that heard the news about the Belgium Championship, which was held the day just after Chartres, know that no games are similar, unfortunately for Olivier.

It was a very friendly atmosphere for a quick and joyful tournament. Thanks to all participants and a special thanks for Deneidis and Olivier who made this tournament an International one. See you all soon for other events like this one!