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The roadmap from November 2010 to January 2011

In the next 3 months, 4 major events organized by members of the League are happening. In addition, it has been announced that organizers in Chartres, France are relaunching their dungeon twister league with three tournaments in 2010-2011. So if you're lucky enough to live near these events, you will have a great opportunity to participate in the League.

To start, the first round of the DTL Chartres will be Sunday, November 7, 2010 . As usual, it will be a friendly and good-natured tournament, in the abbeys of Saint Brice - Room D3 or D4 - (Rue Saint Martin au Val, parking on Rue Georges Brassens) in Chartres. This event will not count for rankings in the International League, but will count for the ranking of the best DT Gargoyle. The battles will start at 13.30 under the watchful eye of Waly. The format will be decided on the spot, according to the wishes of participants. Ther is unlimited space and beginners are welcome! Remember, for participation in these events you earn a minimum of 5 Gold Targans (10 if there are 16 or more players). More information can be found here . Please note the dates of the next two rounds: January 23, 2011 and March 13, 2011.

On 14 November 2010, there will be a local tournament at The Gamer's Armory , 684 Cary Towne Blvd., Cary, North Carolina. The format will be equal forces with expansions familiar to the competitors. This tournament will figure in the international rankings and participants will gain at least 5 Gold Targans. There are also goodies for prizes. Do not worry if this is your first time playing DT, the friendly Gheintze will supervise. So go ahead click here to announce your participation .

On November 20, 2010 in Montreal, Canada will be held the 1st Open de Montreal. The format will be released shortly along will all information needed to register and participate. During this tournament, you can earn at least 10 Gold Targan and goodies. Find more information and updates here.

In late November 2010, onSaturday 27 to be precise, 5th Belgian Championship will take place during the “En Jeux" festival. The tournament will be held in the Expo WFP Court St. Etienne near Brussels. The format will be full frontal with the two basic boxes. Beginners are welcome and are free to only use DT2:Prison. This tournament is organized by Sherinford, and counts in the LIDT rankings. You can earn 15 gold Targans. Sign up by clicking here .

Just after the arrival of Father Christmas, you can participate in the 6th Dungeon Twister Championship of France. It will take place on monday, December 27, 2010 at 11 hours at the second Jeux de l’Intelligence. This convention will be held in the Palais de Congres et de la Culture, Rue d’Arcole au Mans. Participation is open to all and there is no cost. The tournament format will be equal forces with Prison and Referee’s choice, who can change a character, an object and a room pair using the elements of version 1. Like any national championship, participation will earn you at least 15 Gold Targans. You can keep track of participants and information in the forum .

On January 15-16, 2011 at Columbia, South Carolina, USA the 1st Open of South Carolina will take place during the SCARAB gaming convention. If you want information about this tournament you see it in previous news . This will be the first LIDT Open tournament in the US and there are expansion boxes for prizes as well as goodies. Golden Targans will also be given to the participants.

After a 28 month break, the Open d’Orleans is back for its 5th edition. It will be held on March 21, 2011 and will be played in full frontal with Prison and the base game (3/4 players included), as well as the Merciless One, the Disciple, and any further expansions which are released before that date. Here is the forum subject .

Follow the website and forums of the League for dates of the next Cannes Open and 2nd Open de Lyon, which should take place between February and May 2011.

And if you are unable to participate but still want to acquire Gold Targans and if you have some friends who also wish to participate in tournaments, please contact us about organizing your own tournaments. We will support, advise, and help to organize your friendly competitions of at least 4 players or tournaments of at least 8 players.

The Archmage is with you!