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Germany takes the title!

Results of the 5th World Championship

You wanted to participate in the 5th World Championship of DT, but for whatever reason you couldn't make it.

You would have liked to attend the 5th World Championship of DT, but doubts about your experience level left you paralyzed!

Whoever you are, we are sorry that you couldn't be there. Here is all the news and a full report on this international event. Now, you too will regret your absence. The tournament was during the first edition Octagon game convention! And itkept the players going from the late morning of Saturday, October 2 to the end of the afternoon.

Certainly this was the smallest world championship in number of participants, but great players attended! In total, 20 players competed, 20 players from different backgrounds. Different regions of France as well as Germany and Belgium were represented.

Three players have played only with Prison. All others competed in Full Frontal: Equal Forces, with the characters and objects chosen at random so that everyone had the same team.

With the presence of 20 players, the Championship ran 5 rounds. Chris Boelinger, the author came to support the players and present his new game Earth Reborn.


Players were expecting a tough time while twisting and fighting for the podium. Here is a summary of this great tournament, so you can feel like you were there:

For the first roundsome players were delayed, which will accommodate a couple from Grenoble, Naoko and BlackHawk. devil eye was the last laggard, who arrived half an hour after the start of the round, which cost him three points and gave the victory to his opponent, Mayo. Bone, Archimythoman, and Sherinford won their first round, as expected by everyone. Haaken dominates Yannfou45, but it is the time limit that brings him victory. Frilo scores the most points, which puts him in first position.

Mayo - devil eye 5-2
Zalex - Naoko 5-3
Spacedavid - Cholie 5-2
Frilo - Nazgul 6-0
Nemoadd - Pap 5-4
Archimythoman - MagicZ 6-2
Haaken - Yannfou45 4-2
Dragounet - Slydog 5-1
Sherinford - BlackHawk 5-2
Bone - Grissom33 5 -2


In the second round was a match worthy of the final since it placed the German Champion, Mayo, against the current World Champion, Sherinford. Against all odds, Sherinford showed he was beatable, despite his high level of play. The poor Frilo does not do well against Archimythoman, also known as Fresnel and the 2008 Champion of France.

Archimythoman - frilo 6-1
Bone - Dragounet 5-2
Mayo - Sherinford 4-3
Spacedavid - Zalex 5-1
Nemoadd - Haaken 5-3
Pap - Naoko 5-1
Cholie - Yannfou45 5-1
Grissom33 - devil eye 5-2
BlackHawk - MagicZ 3-3
Slydog - Nazgul 5-1

Click here for a short video of Round 2


During the third round, Cholie showed his talent by defeating Dragounet, Bone continued on his way, taking a victory over Nemoadd. For her part, Naoko, a new player who was participating in her first tournament, wins against MagicZ. Nazgul, the second young woman comes out of this tournament with an honorable draw against Yannfou45.

Archimythoman - Spacedavid 5-3
Bone - Nemoadd 5-3
Mayo - Pap 5-1
Sherinford - frilo 5-3
Cholie - Dragounet 5-2
Haaken - Grissom33 5-4
Slydog - Zalex 5-1
BlackHawk - devil eye 5-1
Naoko - MagicZ 5-2
Yannfou45 - Nazgul 3

Examining the prizes

Bone climbed to a victory over Archimythoman in the 4th round, while Mayo was defeated by Spacedavid, who had been quietly climbing the standings since the beginning. The clashes were terrible in the middle of the rankings where Grissom33 crushed Pap, BlackHawk ran past Slydog, and Zalex walked over MagicZ. Bringing up the rear,devil eye tried to make a move up the standingsby butchering Nazgul's characters.

Bone - Archimythoman 5-1
Spacedavid - Mayo 5-1
Sherinford - Nemoadd 5-3
Cholie - Haaken 5-4
BlackHawk - Slydog 5-1
Grissom33 - Pap 5-1
Dragounet - frilo 5-0
Yannfou45 - Naoko 5-0
Zalex - MagicZ 5-1
Devileye - Nazgul 6-1


The last round sees Bone defeat Spacedavid for his last win, which makes him undefeated for the tournament. Sherinford's victory over Archimythoman is not enough for him to keep his title, and puts him into second place. A match between two Germans ended with Mayo defeating Cholie to claim third place in the standings. Grissom33 continued his good run and his rout of BlackHawk places him in fourth.

Bone - Spacedavid 5-1
Sherinford - Archimythoman 5-3
Mayo - Cholie 5-2
Grissom33 - BlackHawk 5-2
Dragounet - Haaken 6-3
Nemoadd - Slydog 5-2
Zalex - Yannfou45 5-4
Pap - devil eye 5-0
frilo - MagicZ 5-0
Naoko - Nazgul 5-2


(Note also the overwhelming victory by the bay window in just 5 minutes by knocking out Phil Goude who had to forfeit.)

Everyone discusses the games until the awards ceremony.

The painted figures...


The final standings:
1. Bone (5 victories)
2. Sherinford (4 victories)
3. Mayo (4 victories)
4. Grissom33 (3 victories)
5. Archimythoman (3 victories)
6. Nemoadd (3 victories)
7. Dragounet (3 victories)
8. Spacedavid (3 victories)
9. Cholie (3 victories)
10. Zalex (3 victories)
11. BlackHawk (2 victories, 1 draw)
12. Haaken (2 victories)
13. Pap (2 victories)
14. frilo (2 victories)
15. Slydog (2 victories)
16. Naoko (2 victories)
17. Yannfou45 (1 victory, 1 draw)
18. devil eye (1 victory)
19. MagicZ (1 draw)
20. Nazgul (1 draw)

All game statistics will be placed in the forums here !

Congratulations to Bone, the new World Champion! Below are the top 3 players and their medals:


The other photos click here.

You wanted to participate in the 5th World Championship. ... And the wait for the 6th is long. So please consider participating in the upcoming tournaments. In the next few months, tournament will be held all over the world including: Chartres (France), Montreal (Canada), Court Saint Etienne (Belgium), Le Mans (France), Columbia, SC (USA), Cary, NC, (USA), Orleans (France), Köln (Germany)... Follow all upcoming meetings at... click here!