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Who will succeed Foududonjon ?

The Fifth Belgian Championship

The Belgian Championship of Dungeon Twister - 2010 edition - will be organized during the game convention "Festival En Jeux" that will take place on the 27th November 2010 in the PAM Expo hall at Court-Saint-Etienne.

The complete address of the convention is the following:

PAM Expo
Avenue des Combattants 19B
1490 Court Saint Etienne

The championship will begin at 10:00 and will end at 17:00.

Traditionally, the DT tournaments are organized in a good spirit and players from all levels and all origins are welcome.

The players will be allowed to play in one of the following format, depending on the material they possess:

- Either only with the Dungeon Twister Prison box set;

- Or in a full frontal secret forces format with both the first edition of the game and dungeon twister prison, as well as the following goodies: the master of forgetfullness and the merciless one.

The Belgian Championship is taken in the IDTL ranking and allows the participants to win Golden Targans, the only official money of the League that will allow them to get access to the goodies it designs.

The registration must be done on the League Forum (Tournaments - Europe - Belgium):