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First IDTL Goodies

Participate and harvest golden targans

Thanks to the adherence fees paid in 2009 and 2010, the International Dungeon Twister League is proud to announce the disponibility of the first two goodies miniatures.

The Merciless miniature playset in Blue / Yellow AND The Disciple miniature playset in Red / Green.


How to get those goodies?

In order to reward the participation of the players to Dungeon Twister tournaments, the International Dungeon Twister League has decided last year the launch of an electronic currency called the golden targans. Whatever your level, whatever the type of tournament, every participation is rewarded. Your golden targan account that you can consult on your profile is credited with 3TO for a friendly event with less than 8 players up to 20 golden targans for the world championship or any other tournament gathering at least 64 players. Furthermore, the winner of a tournament and the manager of the tournament can be rewarded with an additionnal bonus related
to the number of participants. You can get a few additionnal golden targans if you actively contribute to the League.

Once you have gathered some golden targans, you can exchange them in order to receive the precious goodies. If possible, in order to avoid post costs, the goodies will be given to you personally by an official regional manager or referee during a Dungeon Twister event. If you are really anxious to get the goodies and don't want to wait until the next event, the goodies will be sent to you directly by the chairman of the league but you'll have to pay the shipping costs.

The implementation of the goodies management part of the website being under progress, we ask you to be patient. However, you can help us to speed up the process by notifying us on the forum any anomaly in your golden targan account. Once that module implemented, the regional managers and
referees will have access to this useful tool and will be able to fill in information about the players that have used their golden targans account.
In the meantime, only the Chairman of the League will manage the distribution of the goodies. If possible, we will distribute these goodies without shipping costs, as mentioned here above.


How much for a goodies?

You can only get 2 copies of the same goodies. Temporarily, in order to ensure enough stocks for the big tournaments foreseen, each player can only get one copy of the goodies.

The merciless miniature playset Blue / Yellow is available for 60 golden targans.

If you are a member of the IDTL in 2010, you can get the Merciless Miniature Playset Blue / Yellow for 40 golden targans.


If you are a member of the IDTL in 2010 and have acquired the Disciple Miniature Playset, you can get the Green / Red version of the same playset for 40 golden targans.


The next tournament will take place in Lyon the 2nd of October 2010. We hope to have enough miniatures for all the players attending. You can get your miniatures from the Chairman who will be attending the event.

Furthermore, a contest is open to win 10 golden targans. in order to participare, you just need to be registered on the website, then to register on the forum (in the community section) and to post on the subject related to the contest the name of the 3 players that will be on the podium at the end of the World Championship 2010, in the good order.

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