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You dreamed it... Loky made it

Stand-up Prison in pdf file

" Loki is a god from the scandinavian mythology. He is the son of the giant Farbauti and of Laufey. Cunning God, fundamentally bad and traitor "... STOP

We speak about Loky, not Loki !
Nothing to do with a bad and deceitful character. He is even the opposite!

Our sculptor of the Disciple allows us to satisfy our thirst of geek DT.
While waiting for new figures, you hoped one day which stand-up for prison released out to be able to mix them in frontal full house with your limp with V1. Well it is made!
While waiting for new figures, you hoped the stand-up for prison. You would have wish to be able to mix in frontal full with the 1st edition. Well, it is made!

This file PDF with good scissors, some glue and a cardboard, you can it.

Then thank you who?

Thanks Loky!