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German Championship

The return !

Dear Friends of Dungeon Twister,

The 2nd German Championship is coming soon and we invite you to participate. Since the tournament went well there last time, the FeenCon in Bonn will be hosting it again.


Of course, we want to beat last time's number of 14 participants, so please sign in numbers on the forum here. It will be an open tournament, so you won't have to qualify - simply sign in early. (If there are places left, you may enter on the spot as well.)

As a special motivation you have the opportunity to win a great trophy again (as well as other prizes).


The tournament itself is free, but you'll have to buy an entrance ticket to the FeenCon (7 €).

We start at 11:00. The tournament will be held in 4 rounds of Dungeon Twister Prison in swiss format. A round will take 45 minutes plus completion of cycle. That means including pauses and organisation it will be over at about 17:00.

by Senksis

The address :
Dungeon Twister - Deutsche Meisterschaft 2010
24.07.2010 - 11h
Schiedsrichter/arbitre/referee: tba
Stadthalle Bonn - Bad Godesberg
Koblenzer Straße 80
53177 Bonn - Bad Godesberg