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Open of Chartres

In France, the first Open of Chartres.

The 1st “Open of Chartres” will take place on the 29th of June 2008. The event will begin at 10h00, at Saint-Brice abbeys, road Saint Martin au Val and parking on Georges Brassens, all in Chartres.

Referee: Sulfur-E
Format: Full frontal with Base+2 extensions
Infinite number of possible participants allowed
Refreshments, goodies, nice atmosphere, and many surprises await you!!!

Registered participants:
- Waly (Chartres)
- Johan (Chartres)
- Yannfou45 (Orléans)
- Gaïa (Le Mans)
- Bruno (Maintenon) [new player]
- Droopydu91 (91)
- Zalex (78)
- JSP (Tours)
- Flo de San Kerchuz (Bretagne) [World Champion 2006-2008]
- Mika de Kerchuz (Bretagne)
- Petit Lutin (Orléans)
- Jérôme (Chartres)

It’s not too late to participate ! Good luck to all of you !