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2010 Membership is open!

Exclusive playing pieces available!

After having read the policies of the League , you are now able to join the International Dungeon Twister League for 2010.

The minimum amount for annual membership dues is 10 Euros. You are welcome to contribute more if you wish, knowing that any extra financial aid is welcome to help with League projects.

Membership dues are the principal income of the League. It is primarily used to pay for the operation and overhead costs of the League. It will also be used to manufacture League goodies, which will be offered to members in exchange for Golden Targans (virtual league currency).

In addition, any 2010 member has the option to purchase the exclusive 2010 figurine set of the Disciple, which is currently in manufacturing and should be available within a week. This is available for the modest amount of an additional 5 Euroes (not including shipping).

Of course, the Disciple figurine set includes two figures (one yellow and one blue).

Future goodies being considered include: new figurines, new rooms and characters, or both, if the finances are good.

Becoming a member of the League provides other advantages, such as: automatic acquisition of Golden Targans, access to the member forums where you can express your opinion and contribute to the future of the League, exclusive news about the next Dungeon Twister expansions coming in the Fall of 2010, access to the members only website pages where information concerning both the future of the League and DT is previewed.

If you wish to join, please fill out the information sheet and forward to us.

If you wish to get the Exclusive 2010 figurines, a forum is open to organize its distribution as well as to let you know the shipping costs. If you know of other players living near you, we will try to combine shipments to reduce the overall cost.