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Results of the Durham, NC Spring Tournament

Tobacco Road sees more DT action on May 22, 2010

We had four players get together in Durham, NC for a fun afternoon of Dungeon Twister last Saturday. Nordiskanc and bconklin drove up from Charlotte to join jakester390 and me (gheintze).

In the first round, everyone played the base game. Bconklin defeated jakester390 5-3. Gheintze was victorious against nordiskanc, also by a 5-3 score. I was able to get both of the fireball wands, which put nordiskanc at an early disadvantage.

In the second round, bconklin and nordiskanc decided to play Fire and Water in a low scoring affair. Bconklin was up 2-1 when the clock ran out. Gheintze and jakester390 played the base game but with the rooms from the ¾ Player set. This is one of my current favorites – the ¾ player rooms provide a nice change from the original rooms and provide some unique challenges (especially the room with all the doors!). Jakester390 continued to use his troll forward strategy, but I was able to avoid him for the most part to take a 5-1 victory.

In the third and final round, nordiska and Jake played base game with the ¾ player rooms and nordiska proved victorious, 5-1. Bconklin and gheintze played Paladins and Dragons. I was lucky to get the teleportation ring to my dragon quickly and managed to fireball both his Dragon and Golem early. The final score was 5-0, but it seemed closer than that during the game.

To wrap up, we decided to try a 4 player game, The Crossing. This is an interesting team variant for ¾ players. Although we didn’t get to finish the game, it was a lot of fun and poses a very different challenge for Dungeon Twister. The strategy and tactics are completely changed. I can see that experience with ¾ player variations would certainly improve your abilities.

If only we could get ¾ player tokens for the rest of the sets and Prison. My fellow Americans and I would love that (and the European goodies as well :)).

We’re planning the next Tournament in North Carolina for August 7th. We hope to be in the Charlotte area and meet some new opponents.

Until then, Happy Twisting!

Geoff (gheintze)