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Codex Tournament

The rules to organize your Dungeon Twister tournaments

Written both in French and English by Sherinford, with the collaboration of the Board of Directors of the League, the Codex Tournament is the key tool to organize official Dungeon Twister tournaments.

The Codex is intended to apply to every Dungeon Twister tournament,organised by the League or any other entity. It describes the features of the tournaments, the game formats, the rounds organisation, the IDTL Ranking system, but also the actions you have to take before, during and after the tournaments.

Everyone is invited to read it, even if the Codex was written with the referees, the organizers and regional managers in mind. From now on, you'll be able to differentiate the four types of gatherings and the various rules that apply to them.

Moreover, you will be able to recognise the various official formats played and to know the necessary material you will need for the tournament you are participating in.

For the organizers, the codex offers advises for the announcements, the registering, the preparation of the prizes and the necessary logistics.

Last but not least, the referees will find in the Codex advice and procedures in order to get a smooth tournament respecting the allocated time, and finally an explanation about the IDTL Ranking system.

The rules of the Codex have been written in a way that allow the referees to settle the disagreements that happen during an event in a fair and lawful way, leaving the referees some margin of manoeuvre in order to be flexible.

You'll find the complete Codex Tournament here.

Enjoy your reading.