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The road of DT

The next tournaments,

The archimage informs us that some stubborn players continue to confront each other in bloody duels in the four corners of Targane. It would seem that new parts of the world have welcomed the dungeons of the Archmage. The second tournament in Durham,NC in the United State will soon occur, whereas Birmingham in the United Kingdom will host its 1st big national tournament! In France, Lyon and Caen are also going to start with their 1st tournament. Germany prepares for its second championship. Spain is in starting block and gets ready to join the ranks of the Archmage. Asummary of all the details is presented below in chronological order.

We begin with the last meeting of the Dungeon Twister League (DTL) of Chartres (28000-France) on Sunday, March 28th, 2010. It will take place in Saint Brice's abbeys - Room D3 or D4 - (Street Saint- Martin au Val, Parking in street Georges Brassens) in Chartres. The hostilities shall begin at 1:30 pm under the watchful eye of Waly. The size(format) will be decided on the spot, according to the whims of the participants, no limit of place and welcome to the beginners! More information on the forum.

We continue with, on the same day, a tournament open to all to Mérignac(33700-FRANCE), which begins at 2 pm. The tournament will start with Prison box and added two others box in the choice. For every round, the choice of the extensions, in which are taken the characters, is made among those known by 2 players. In the case or one of the players knows only the basic game, the game will be played in basic game. The registrations and the information are made with Nemoadd and on the forum.

On April 3rd, East of France organize a tournament on the initiative of an ancient schoolboy, Alahnar. It will take place at the middle school Gilbert Cousin de Nozeroy. Every player wanting to meet the players of the club Dungeon Twister of the middle school, beginners and experts are welcome! This tournament will take place in 3 rounds from 14 hours. The participation is free. To register you go directly on the official forum of Dungeon Twister.

The first open tournament of Lyon (69000-FRANCE), from 11:00 am will follow on Saturday, April 10th, 2010. This tournament will be made with Prison box only and is opened to all, novice as confirmed. To note that the registration will cost 2 € on place , unless being already member of the association Plan B. The shop where in place the event, Trollune, will be exceptionally closed and it is the Plan B association which relieves. Registrations and information on the forum and with Cadavre ( / 06 77 14 14 76).


But let us not forget our friends outside France, because on the same day, happening on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the 1st tournament in the city of Chester in Pensylvania (USA), specifically in Games Keep (929 South High Street, Parkway Center West Chester). You can be introduced to Dungeon Twister by Sam aka faust3672 at 12:30 pm. One hour later will begin the 1st tournament in 3 or 4 rounds. Prizes will be offered, you can join it on the forum.

Next time, it belongs to Durham North Carolina(USA), planned on Saturday, May 22nd, 2010. Tournament with equal strengths with the possibility of using the expansions at the agreement of the opponents. Two rounds of 45 minutes and a round of 60 minutes will decide the competition between the players. The organizer gheintze, speaks to you about it on the forum.


We chained on the 1st Open of Normandy in Bayeux(14000-FRANCE), the date of which will be May 29th or 30th, for now from 2 pm till 7 pm. This tournament will take place within the framework of the Festival The Games Of Bayeux, in association with the shop of Caen, Le Pion Magic (The Magic Pawn). More information on the forum, and with the organizer, docstrange, the referee should be Gaïa.

Just on the other side of La Manche, June 5th, will take place the 1st championship of the United Kingdom. It will take place during UK Board Game Expo in Birmingham (UK), which she lasts from 4 till 6 June 2010. The organizer, btanchel, needs you, players, to know how much place he has to reserve. The players of any countries are invited, then, if an escapade in England tempts you, you will have a place where to play. More details on the forum.

We return in Chartres, this time for the 2nd Open of Chartres(28000) Sunday, June 13th, 2010. The format used for Open is not detailed yet, but the date is to be closely watched. The forum is opened to you.

To come, to our very at dear neighbors of Belgium, a tournament to Diplonam to Namur, planned for the beginning of May. But also, the cup of 3 Nations in the neighborhood of the end of June in Liège. Without forgetting the championship of Belgium for November to Court Saint Étienne, within the framework of a big convention of game.

The championship of Germany by July 24-25th in Bonn (DE) is also outlined! It is again Janno who should still stick to the organization this year. The discussions are active on the forum.

Finally, and to finish, the world championship will take place after August 2010 in Chartres (FR). Come to express your opinion on the comment which is dedicated to him!