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Dungeon Twister in Ravage magazine

News in the press

Before and since the release of the DT:Prison game, some magazines have one or more pages on this game or the designer! Here's what you'll find inside.

Dans Ravage 57

* One page with a Brain Teaser from Sherinford, where you must score 2 victory points in 5 AP in half of the dungeon. Do not forget, the result of the Brain Teaser in Ravage 56.

* From dream to reality the creation of Dungeon Twister, by Christopher Boelinger.
This article talks about the original dream of the Archmage who wanted the miniature for Dungeon Twister from the beginning, something that could be done because Asmodee, publisher of the game at the time, was not an in favor of their production. This led to the birth of Ludically, which has continued Dungeon Twister by launching "Prison" with artists who contributed to the first version of the game, particularly artists on the same wavelength as the designer . The figures are also muchthe same in the video game (due out soon), because they are sample that have served as the basis for creating the on screen characters as well as many illustrations in the game.

* Behind Dungeon Twister:Prison , by Jean-Charles Mourey
Here we have the explanation of the roles he took on to help the Archmage in his task. The adventure of world-wide distribution, design and manufacture of the game in three languages with consultants located in many countries, including England, Belgium, and China ... All facilitated by the Internet. And how, thanks to the miracles of the computer, all documents have been generated, verified, corrected and published most effectively!

Dans Ravage 56

Pages 48 and 49: Two variants, a scenario and Brain Teaser.
A new single player mode, "Full Starting Line", where the NPCs start on the starting line.
A play mode for two players "Super Powers!" where the powers normally granted to NPC will serve you ... A scenario "Evasion V.I.P." where victory is the escape of your team leader. Finally, a Brain Teaser from Sherinford in which a Colossus must be removed in 5 AP!
Note: the english translations of the variants and scenario can be found here

Dans Ravage 54

Pages 32 and 33: Dungeon Twister:Prison, two games in one. This is the presentation of Dungeon Twister, the format and also the solo mode. As a bonus, the game was featured with two screenshots.

Dans Jeux sur un Plateau 62

Page 79: Review of Dungeon Twister:Prison. We discover an early review of the game and its specifice. Briefly, we can read the description of the contents of the box that serves as both a new base set and an expansion of the previous version.

Dans Plato 26

Pages 16 and 17: Interview with Christophe Boelinger. An Interview originally made for Tannhäuser Field Ops, but he also speaks about Ludically, the publishing house he founded, and Dungeon Twister:Prison.