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Results and Pictures of the 1st NC Triangle Tourney

12 North Carolinians compete in the 1st DT tournament in the state

On Jan. 16th, 2010, the 1st NC Triangle Dungeon Twister Tourney was held in Durham, NC. I organized the event and it happens to be the first LIDT (Internation Dungeon Twister League) tournament held in the US since the release of Prison.

We gathered at the friendly local game store in Durham, scifigenre ( www.scifigenre) ready to test our skills in the Dungeon Twister.


There was a good mix of new and experienced players (I'll use the LIDT nicknames here). Scorpion, Hycanth, Blewsky, and Zugzwang had all learned the game within the past few weeks. Several others had only played a few times before, or not for a long time. It seems that having this event encouraged players to learn a new game or revisit an old favorite.

We ended up having 12 participants, which is a good number for the first tournament ever in North Carolina. Some traveled a few hours from near Charlotte to attend, but most were from the Triangle area.

The wall painting at scifigenre definitely helped to set the mood for the prison!


After registration, the first round began around 12:45. All of the rounds were played with either the base game or prison. Since there were so many new players, I don't think any of the expansions were used at this event.

The first two rounds were played to 5 VP and the time limit for the games was 45 minutes.


Results of the first round -- we had two players who were late, so they received a bye.

Scorpion 5, Blewsky 0
Church 5, Jakester390 0
Nordiskanc 5, Mat 4
Ben 5, Zugzwang 3
Gheintze 2, Hycanth 2
Kevin and Evernight bye


Second round results

Scorpion 5, Church 2
Nordiskanc 5, Ben 1
Mat 5, Gheintze 1
Hycanth 2, Zugzwang 1
Jakester390 5, Blewsky 2
Kevin 3, Evernight 1


The third and fourth rounds were played to 6 VP and the time limit was extended to 60 minutes.

Third Round results
Nordiskanc 6, Scorpion 5
Hycanth 6, Kevin 3
Church 6, Mat 0
Jakester390 6, Ben 3
Gheintze 6, Evernight 3
Blewsky 4, Zugzwang 2


This set up the last round, with some epic matches. For the first time that day, I played prison and was amazed at how different it feels from the base game. After three tries at the base game, it really took some time to adjust to the different characters.

Fourth round results
Nordiskanc 6, Hycanth 2
Scorpion 6, Jakester390 5
Church 6, Gheintze 4
Mat 6, Kevin 0
Ben 6, Blewsky 1
Zugzwang 6, Evernight 5

Nordiskanc won all four of his games to take the Tournament championship and first pick from the prize table. He was happy to take a copy of the Arch-Mage's treasure rooms to add to his collection.


The tournament wrapped up around 5:30 and although tired, we all had a great time. We look forward to having another event in a few months (the 1st Durham Open perhaps) tentatively scheduled for May 22nd. Hopefully, we'll all be experienced enough to bring out some of the expansions and give them a try.


Top three:

Submitted by Geoff (gheintze)