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NC Triangle Dungeon Twister Tourney

First League event in the Southeast US on Jan. 16th!

Come play Dungeon Twister along Tobacco Road!

The 1st annual NC Triangle Dungeon Twister Tourney will be held on Jan. 16th in Durham, NC. This will be the first of several events this year in North Carolina and Virgina as we hope to increase the number of IDTL events in the Southeast.

The tournament will be held at the local game store in Durham, scifigenre (see their website here). Registration will begin at 12PM, with the first round starting around 1:30.

The format will be 3 or 4 rounds depending on the number of participants. If we have less than 8 it will be 3 round, 8-16 players will necessitate 4 rounds. Each round will be 1 hour, including setup and playing the game. The first two rounds will be played to 5 VP, with later rounds played to 6 VP.

The first round will be stand alone with either the base game from 1st edition or DT:Prison. After that, they can be stand alone or equal forces full frontal, with the participants in each game agreeing on which expansions to be used. That way, noone will be forced to play with an expansion they are not familiar with. We are currently planning to have a mix of experienced and novice players, so this should work out well with the varied experience levels.

Prizes: I've received a pack of the US tournament goodies which consists of: Ogre, Beggar, Disciple, Arch-Mage Treasure Rooms, Neutral Clerics, Neutral Mekanorks, base set gender reversed stand-ups, and base set Arabian stand-ups.

There is no entry fee for this event.

We hope to have a tournament every 3-4 months at a variety of locations (Triangle, Triad, Charlotte, Richmond, etc...) if this is successful and there is sufficient interest.

For more information, please contact Geoff Heintzelman (gheintze) or at the IDTL forum or at BoardGameGeek.