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Proverbial Opening of the League Website

All things come to those who wait

After no less than six months of waiting, we are happy to announce to you the opening of the International Dungeon Twister League Website.

This Website is the information tool that will allow you, players from all over the world, to communicate and share your passion for that particular game that is Dungeon Twister.

It is also through this Website that the league will organize its activities in the future.

So we invite you to connect this Website on a regular basis in order to share with us your information and discover the latest news.

All covet, all lose

You will notice that this Website is far from being complete and 100% operational.

Indeed, we preferred to place this Website online as soon as possible instead of waiting again one or two months so that the programming job would have been achieved.

It is obvious that numerous updates and upgrades will take place in the following weeks, so we can offer you the best service possible.

Unity is strength

Currently, this Website is managed mainly by French-speaking players. I invite motivated players who play Dungeon Twister in English, German, Italian or Spanish to join us in order to upgrade this Website and offer its services in the greatest number of languages possible.

The interface of the forum attached to this Website is designed to be set in the language of the user and offers communication opportunities between players of different countries.

The higher the ape goes, the more he shows his tail

We hope this Website will answer your expectations and that a lot of players will visit regularly.

Please, don't hesitate to communicate your wishes in the forum.