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The World Champion 2009 is...

Story from the World Championship

Tourcoing, small little rainy town lost in the north of France, a few miles away from the Belgian border.

Here, people speak Ch'ti (some local dialect), eat Maroilles at breakfeast, finish all their sentences with the sound "hein", and, above all that, have such a reputation of kindness and friendship that a movie was made about it… Or at least, that's what I have heard.


So, last week-end Tourcoing was the theatre of an event we will talk about for a very long time in the community of the Dungeon Twister fans. It is in the quite big and comfortable offices of Hydravision that the biggest twist party ever made since the publishing of the game in October 2004 took place

The schedule of the week-end was the following: a "World" Championship using all the first edition boxes for Dungeon Twister on Saturday, followed by lots of surprises and revelations in the evening, and an Open van Lille on Sunday played with the brand new edition of Dungeon Twister – Prison.
The event was sponsored by Ludically, Asmodée, the Lille's shop Artgamer, the International Dungeon Twister League and, last but not least, Hydravision.

The World Championship was played in six rounds, each round being played in a different game format: basic game, stand alone expansion, full frontal secret forces, equal forces, random forces and draft. In the final game, the Belgian player Sherinford defeated the German player Bone with 5
victory points to 4, after a very tense game. He got back home with a beautiful cup and an X-Box 360 Elite.


After that, Hydravision presented the latest version of the Dungeon Twister Video Game, which will be available in a few months. The trailer was especially enjoyed by all the audience. The evening hosted the "champion of champions" tournament and the final was played on the Video Game. Flo de
San Kerchuz demonstrated his talent again and won that title, the only one missing to his palmares.

The Sunday, Sherinford demonstrated he was equally gifted with the brand new edition of Dungeon Twister and won the Open of Lille in four rounds.

Every single player attending praised the quality of the organisation and of the catering: for 9 euros of participation, players had unlimited access to the bar and buffet both days, a service that was only possible due to the generosity of Hydravision and dynamism of the organising team.