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The New International Ranking System


As discussed by the contributing members and approved by the Board, this new classification replaces the old ELO rating system with the new LIDT Ranking.

This new system is intended to take into account the number of participants and the importance of the tournament, as well as the number of victories won by the player.
To be clear, tournament participation always earns you points. A tournament of international level grants more points than a national tournament, which itself grants more points than an Open tournament, whic earns more points than a local tournament, unless there are a large number of participants.
Here are the procedures by which a player can receive LIDT rating points:

A tournament must be published on the Website of the International League with the conditions defined in the news about the management of tournaments.

Participants must be identified on the League Website so they can be counted in the standings. The referees must promptly record the results on the site, and validate the results so that the tournament can be taken into account.

The IDTL point calculation is done as follows:


Each tournament allows participants to earn a basic number of IDTL points. The base value is calculated by considering the number of participants and the importance of the tournament.

Base allowance of a tournament depends on the greater of the following numbers:

Number of players:
   * 8 players -> 1 pt
   * 16 players -> 2 pts
   * 32 players -> 4 pts
   * 64 players -> 6 pts

Tournament Types :
   * Open -> Minimum 2 pts
   * National -> Minimum 4 pts
   * International -> Minimum 6 pts


The list of open tournaments must be approved by the Board and published by the League. There can be only open per year in each. There can be only one championship per country.

Currently, there are only 2 international events:
- The World Championship
- The 3 Nations Cup
A third event could be scheduled on the American continent.

The basic value for the tournament is multiplied by a number calculated as follows:

5 + (5 x number of games won) + (2 x number of draws)

A concrete example:
If you participate in the French Championship with 30 players registered, the base value is 4 IDTL points. Win 3 matches and draw once, and your multiplier will be 22 [5 + (5 x 3) + (2 x 1)]. This tournament means that you will earn 88 points IDTL [22 times 4].

In addition, a bonus is awarded to the player who wins every match. His winnings will be multiplied by 2.

Another example for the same French Championship:
Another player who won all 5 games will have a multiplier of 30 [5 + (5 x 5) + (2 x 0)]. This ratio is multiplied by 2 since the player has won all his matches, for a multiplier of 60. He will leave then with 240 points IDTL [30 x 2 x 4].


The new ranking system recognizes IDTL results registered in the last 12 months. Every 1st of the month, an updated ranking is posted.
In parallel, a classification IDTL Race is also online. It records the results registered from 1 January to 31 December of that year.
As of today, this ranking is available, but three major tournaments still need to be calculated: the Three Nations Cup, the Belgian Championship, and the German Championship.