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Big Twist Party

With the second edition comming out, the International Dungeon Twister League takes over the organisation of local, national and international events in order to diffuse the sacred values of the Archmage to the flock of the players lost in the huge number of published games.

In order to celebrate the end of the first edition in the competitions and the arrival of the second edition, the fourth World Championship of Dungeon Twister move this year to Lille, or at least nearby, in the city of Tourcoing, where it will be hosted the 10th and 11th of October 2009.


The festivities will begin on the saturday morning at 10:00 with the last World Championship played with its first version format (every boxes published for 2 players from the basic game up to Ice Grounds). Six rounds that will allow the best players in the world to pit against each other in
various game format (from the basic game to the highest stand alone, from the full frontal to the mysterious draft) so they can succeed to the current champion, Flo de San Kerchuz.

After the tournament, a party and numerous surprises are organised in the Hydravision offices, the company that develops the video game on X-Box, with the author of the game, Christophe Boelinger. If you are motivated to participate or get more information, read carefully the informations here
under and follow the bold links...


1.Practical informations

The Big Twist Party will take place saturday the 10th and sunday the 11th of October 2009 in Hydravision offices, in Tourcoing, rue de la fonderie 31.

The games will begin at 10:00 the Saturday and from 9:30 the sunday, so please, plan carrefully your travel to arrive in time for the pairing.

Number of players : We are currently approaching the 50 players registrered from 5 different nationalities.

Participating costs for the meal and prizes:
- 5 € Saturday, including 2 meals (noon and evening)
- 4 € Sunday, including 1 meal (noon)
- 9 € for the all WE including 3 meals and lots of surprises.

Lots of prizes and goodies will be available at the tournaments.

Informations on the format of the Championship and the participation: HERE.

Informations on the lodging, a subject is open on the forum: HERE.

In order to register, follow this link.


2. Format

There will be 6 rounds on Saturday.

The format will be evolutive during the tournament and you will play with:
    * the basic game,
    * in stand alone with the hightest expansion known by both players,
    * Full Frontal Secret Forces
    * Full Frontal Equal Forces
    * Random Equal Forces
    * Draft !!
The 4 lasts formats are played with 2 boxes only, each player choozing a different box. In Equal Forces and Draft, players choose first rooms, then characters, then objects.

The games are played in 5 VP and 2 minutes each turn. After 40 minutes, actions cards are evened and each player can play 2 more cards.

Beginners are welcome and the games will be played using expansions knowned by both players.

On Sunday, Discovery tournament at 9:30 (again with the participation of Chris Boelinger) so you will be the first to play the second edition of Dungeon Twister. This "Open of Lille" will end at 15:00 to allow players to go home. => 4 rounds in format V2.


3. Pairing and tournament procedures.

In parallel to the World Championship, a "team" tournament will take place. This tournament won't have any effect on the individual championship and will only influence the pairing at each round.

Teams will be composed of 3 to 6 players playing usually against each other (in practice, players living close to each other). In order to allow the players to meet opponents they don't usually face, 2 players from the same team won't play against each other if another pairing is possible.

Furthermore, at the end of the individual tournament, an average performance will be calculated for each team in order to determine the best Dungeon Twister World Team.

If you want more information on the pairing and the ranking of the teams, click here....


4. Regulation

The tournament and the championship will respect the rules of the
Tournament Codex that will be posted online shortly.

The 4 last champion, from left to right : Foududonjon (championship of Belgium and Germany), Flo de San de Kerchuz (last World championship), Archimytho (championship of France), Sherinford(Winner of Cup of 3 Nations).