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Countdown has begun

The Cleric announces the good news

Date of release is known yet:

At Saturday 26th of September Dungeon Twister 2 - Prison will hit the stores in France. Other countries in Europe will receive the boxes probably one week later.

Fans in the United States and Canada will have to be patient for 3 or 4 more weeks. Asmodée US will announce the official date of release soon.

For this occasion Ludically has prepared a small countdown to the release date on the official DT website as well as a picture of the new big box in 3D: click here.

But let's go on with the news :

Ludically will be at Essen this year presenting Dungeon Twister Prison and What's Missing (their small family card game from 6 to 99 years old kids).
Hydravision will also be there sharing the booth with them. Players should be able to try the XBox version of the Dungeon Twister video game on site, at Essen, and also some other crazy surprises...

But this is another story... ;)

The Cleric is star of the week. Shots from every angle and every step of its creation, but this time a little surprise comes on top...
The front and back of the Cleric character card that is used as a player's help and resumes all of the character's characteristics. Very handfull.

Enjoy ;) !

penciled: Cleric fighting

Concept of the Cleric by Hydravision

Production of the figur

Figur, not-painted

Figur, painted (you'll see it due to the colours)

Card of the Cleric; front

Card of the Cleric; back