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brings us fresh news...

You will find here under for your eyes only the Naga, in several development stages from the drawing board to the final painted miniature.

Remember the miniatures from the first edition of Dungeon Twister, where objects and wounded disappeared completely under the miniature base? You were forced to lift the miniature to check for any token, and the stability of the miniature was sometimes in danger.

Ludically came up with an original base system for these new miniatures, allowing them to transport the game tokens under the miniature. In the second edition of Dungeon Twister, the base is hollow in order to allow a token to fit. During its move, you just have to put the miniature on the object you want to take and continue your movement by sliding the miniature on the boards, or lifting it to release the object. 3 openings on the sides of the base allow you to see if the miniature is carrying an object or a wounded.

Furthermore, you will find on the bases 2 icons with the move and fight stats of the miniature.

Finally, we can now announce that the miniatures have arrived in Europe and the production is launched at Ludofact. Ludically is currently finalizing the last rules booklets for the Solo and Veteran players. If all goes well, in the beginning of October, you should see in your local gaming shop the new big luxury box of Dungeon Twister. The price of the box in Europe will be around 45 Euros.

Naga from every angle

Naga final pencilled concept

Naga concept in color

Naga miniature work in progress

Miniature unpainted

Icons on the base

Miniature painted