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Tournament Judges!

Guide Adventurers into Dungeon Twister

You feel involved in the game, and you want to help organize gatherings and tournaments.
You have a good knowledge of the fun of your city and its surroundings.
Easy access to a room or a place to play (shop, coffee) is a plus.

Come join the team of Official LIDT Referees.

The tasks of an official referee are as follows:
- Planning events around the release of a game box or expansion;
- Organizing and facilitating meetings and friendly play;
- Organizing and judging tournaments, including the Open for your city (and surrounding area). These tournaments will, at your convenience, be recorded in the official classification of the LIDT.
- Registering and entering tournaments and results on the League website. This includes providing a list of participants, with the names and nicknames of the participants as well as postal and electronic addresses of those who are first-time participants, and, finally, submitting the list of games played and their scores, listed by round, including the final ranking of the event;
- If necessary, organizing and judging a national championship.

Of course, Judges can still play and participate in tournaments.

If this appeals to you, Apply to your Regional Manager (see below) or directly to a member of the Bureau of LIDT.

List of Regional Coordinators:

Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg: Sherinford
Spain: Mikhaïl
United States:
Northwest : Gamethyme
South Central : Gheintze
France :
Nord West : Gaïa
South West :Nemoadd
Italy: Liga