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Previews for the members of the League

Room 37 of the second edition in previews

As you have probably noticed, a few changes have been implemented into the layout of the League's Website. Our computer mechanorks are working on tirelessly in order to provide you the best possible service.

So, what's new?
A new "Community" section merges the "Players" and "Forum" sections, and provides to the Members of the League a sub-section that is especially devoted to them, in rewards for their contribution to the cause.
This sub-section is only visible if you are a member of the League and that you are logged in on the Website.

This new part of the Website offers "only one" preview about the second edition of Dungeon Twister: one of the future rooms of this new edition, room 37 - counter-clockwise, to be more precise. Those who have had the chance to take a look at the prototype will be glad to see the final look
of the rooms of this infamous prison.


Good twist to all of you and thanks again !

PS: conditions for the League's membership are if you click on this news.