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Heralds of the Archmage, Stand and be counted!

Spread the values of Targan

You love Dungeon Twister!
You're looking forward to the release of the second edition!
You want to spread the good word of the Archmage to your friends and other players.
You have a talent for communication.

The league gives you this opportunity by serving as Regional Manager in the following areas:
North and South America:
- Canada (up to 3 leaders! Eastern, Central, West)
- USA (Six divisions: Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, Southeast, South Central, and North Central/Great Lakes)
- Other countries in Central America or South
- Germany
- France (Nord-Est, Sud-Est)
- Poland (?)
- Scandinavia
- The British Isles (United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland)
- Other countries

Here are the roles and commitments of the Regional Manager in your geographic area:

- You must have a knack for communication.
- You should be prepared to travel within the region for which you will be responsible.
- You will help to organize local events (demonstrations, tournaments, ...) and will provide a link between the key players in the district (official referees, associations such as partner stores).
- You will validate tournaments found on the website of the League when they are not reported by the Official Referee.
- You will see to the fair distribution of goodies in your area and will approach the local business to obtain extra sponsorship.
- You will decide on the Official Referees of the League in your area.
- You can be supported in your duties by deputies of your choice. Alternates will replace you if Heraultsthe need arises.

Of course, you can still play and participate in tournaments.

To apply as Regional Manager, create your player account on the site (click here) if you have not already done so and complete the following form to submit to the League President, more commonly known as the voice of the Archmage.
If you live in North America, please contact Gamethyme.