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Manage the tournaments

Announce your tournaments on the League's Website


You can now manage your tournaments on the League's Website the following way:

As the IDTL's House Regulation stipulates, the Board of Directors nominates the Regional Managers, who can nominate the official Referees.

Announce a tournament:

Any player can announce a tournament on the Website. During the tournament submission process, a referee can be designated, but this is not mandatory.

The announcement of the tournament must provide the following informations:
Name of the Tournament: (Example: Open of Seattle)

Maximum number of participants.

Format of the Tournament: Full Frontal (FF), Equal Forces (FE), Stand Alone (SA), Full Random Equal (FHE), Draft, Scenario, or Other

Type of the tournament: There are four kind of tournaments:
- The demonstration is a preview, a meeting whose organisation is completely free of restrictions;
- The Dungeon Twister League (DTL) is either a free meeting or a tournament that doesn't impact a player's IDTL Ranking;
- The Local Tournament that can count in the IDTL Ranking System;
- The Open is a special form of local tournament who must be validated by the Board of Directors before the tournament is announced. There can be only one Open Tournament each year for each town;
- The Championship Tournament is a National tournament which must be validated by the Board of Directors before the announcement. The can be only one National Championship each year for each country;
- The International Tournament (The Three Nations' Cup, The World Championship).

IDTL Ranking: click on this square if you want the results to affect players' IDTL Rankings.

Date of the Tournament.

Address: Place where the tournament is organised.


E-mail Address and/or phone number of the Contact person.

The official referee.

The Detail box is used to give more information on the typology of the tournament, the number of rounds, and any other relevant information...

Publicity of the Tournaments:

A tournament announced by a player appears as soon as it is validated by the Regional Manager. He decides if the tournament results will be included in the IDTL Rankings for the particpants.
A tournament announced by a Referee appears on the Website immediately. The Referee decides if the tournament will be taken into account in the IDTL Rankings.

Some information on the IDTL Ranking System:

All National and International Championships use the IDTL Ranking System.

Another tournament is taken into account in the IDTL Ranking System if it meets the following requirements:
- being played by at least 8 players
- being supervised by an official Referee
- being played in either Full Frontal, Stand Alone or Equal Forces mode. Other formats can be authorised by the Regional Manager.
- the results must be provided by an official referee.
- the results must be provided within the first 15 days following the tournament. Tournaments reported after this deadline will not count for IDTL ratings.

Later, we will provide more detailed information on the calculation of the points for the IDTL Ranking System. You can already announce, validate, and record the results of your tournaments. They will be used as tests for the rankings that will become fully operational as soon as the second edition of Dungeon Twister is released.

Now you know everything you never dared to ask about this subject. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

The President