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Dungeon Twister - Prison

The coverage & in the box


Here's coverage of the next edition of Dungeon Twister, named for the moment: Dungeon Twister - Prison.

It is both a new set of basic and an expansion.
Indeed, the 2nd Edition of DT remains 100% compatible with all boxes already released.

Here's the composition of Dungeon Twister - Prison:


85% new material for the players already have all the existing DT

The transition to the 3rd dimension: Each character will be represented by a figure in 28mm scale, finely carved and in line with the overall concept of each character. The artists have provided amazing work on this point.
The Colossus (who is on the cover), for example, is approaching 6 cm (2.36 inches) high!

Solo play is integrated with 6 levels of increasing difficulty, and optional for all players. The solo play will have a book of rules which will be dedicated specifically to solo play.
It is a game both unique and original. Each party is totally different. It will be possible to create or propose scenarios in the future, dedicated to solitaire play.

A tutorial in 5 scenarios is included in order to teach DT very gently. The first scenario requires 5 minutes of explanation of rules and 15 minutes of play (4 rooms, 2 characters on each side). The scenario is the 5EM game mode practiced since the release of DT in 2004.
This tutorial system is designed to introduce even the youngest or least familiar with strategy games.

The box will include:
8 new rooms
16 figures (8 characters on each side with 5 new characters)
88 Magic-sized cards (Actions, combat, jump, and many maps for the solo).
All the necessary pieces (and replacement pawns if you lose or have lost pieces of characters or objects in the past)
A rule book and tutorial (with specific areas dedicated specifically to the old sea wolves DT, dealing with interactions with the previous extensions).
A rule book for the solo play
The ruler
And thermo-forming super well studied for any property, to protect and store your models for those that have painted J. And store most of your old and / or future expansion.

In short, we try to do our best to provide a more accessible complete set for newcomers, as well as providing a maximum of new and useful things for the old fans who already own everything.

The release of DT-Prison in stores is scheduled for early October in France and Europe. 1 month later in the United States and around the world.
Distribution is ensured by Asmodée.
The game is published by Ludically.

To date, the price is not set, but we believe we can offer the game to a retail price in Europe of approximately 45 euros.

The release of DT-Prison should correspond to the release of the DT video game by Hydravision. We strive for that, and Hydravision is advancing on the project in parallel with us.

For those of you who are nostalgic for the original base game, the game video will be initially based entirely on the Dungeon Twister-Original, but we have already spent all the effort necessary to adapt elements in both directions (from the video game to the board game and vice versa).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I provide you with regular images and news about DT-Prison by its output (drawings of characters, figures, rooms, etc ...).

Until then, the pleasure from you in return, and which would "cover the enjoi:)! "


Chris Boelinger