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A new Chairman for the International Dungeon Twister League !


Dear Dungeon Twister Players,

Last february, 12 members of the League have joined the Board of Directors.
The12 members :
Mikhaïñ (Spain)
Phil Goude(France)

After a vote from both old and new members of the Board, the following Bureau has been elected on the 8th of February 2009 with a majority of 10 votes on 17 :

Chairman: Phil Goude (Orléans)
Vice-chairman: Nemoadd (Bordeaux)
Treasurer: Sulfur-E (Chartres)
Vice-Treasurer : Gaïa (Le Mans)
Secretary: Ctol (Poissy)
Vice-Secretary: Waly (Chartres)

Consequently, I have the honor to represent the International League.

First of all, I want to thank the former Bureau, who has shaped the foundations of this League and allows me to pursue its dream.

Since February, we are working on the following topics, by order of priority :

1. Opening of a bank account.
2. Management of the tournaments on the League's Website and implementation of an official ranking system.
3. Drafting of an house regulation.
4. Call for candidates for the future regional managers, official referees and demonstrators of the League.
5. Unification of the DT website into a single website.
6. Drafting of a new Codex, compatible with points 2 and 3.
7. Drafting of a frame agreement between the League and local game associations.
8. Implementing an original and efficient system for the distribution of goodies.
9. Seeking financial sources for the IDTL. .

Here it is... I have a few months to create a coherent organisation. You gave me the keys, I'll open the doors.

Long live to the Archmage,
Long live to Dungeon Twister
Long Live to Targane

The Chairman
Phil Goude