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Ludically - a new publisher

A renewal for Dungeon Twister

Founded by Christophe Boelinger and Jean-Charles Mourey, Ludically has made its first steps this week at the Cannes International Games Festival.

The new publisher has lots of projects in its closets, from the big "Monster" game to the family game, with small atmosphere games and outdoor games in the middle. Ludically hopes to surprise a little more with each publication, will not confine to a specific gaming area and will on the contrary explore a wide range of themes, pleasures, and game mechanics.


The first goal of Ludically will be to take over the publishing of Dungeon Twister, while Asmodee will continue to distribute the game.

The new and very ambitious edition of this bestseller will be called "Dungeon Twister 2 - Prison" and will offer a box full of surprises and new elements, while staying 100% compatible with every existing game material. More details will be communicated in the following weeks and months.